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PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Auditorium Lighting

A great PowerPoint Presentation tip I learned is not to turn down the lights everywhere inside the room or the auditorium you are giving the Presentation. I have got annoyed often when someone does this whilst they are giving a presentation. The PowerPoint slide as such has so less text written on it that the audience has to listen to the person presenting it who is supposed to be the master of the subject.

By turning down the entire lights in the auditorium, neither can the presenter see his audience, nor can the audiene see the presenter. The whole purpose of attending a presentation is lost if the audience and the presenter cannot see each other. Thus only a few lights which are directly around the screen may be dimmed or switched off if there are no dimmers.

But if the area where the presenter is standing is dark, then no one can see him. Seeing the presenter is equally important. So have a table lamp that throws diffused light on the face of the presenter so that the audience can see the person. This light should not be so bright that the person giving the presentation gets a glare in his eyes and he cannot see the audience. This light has to be adjusted carefully with the presenter standing on the rostrum or stage and another person sitting as the audience at various places in the

Once again the lighting up of the room or the auditorium is equally important. The person giving the PowerPoint presentation needs to see the audience to whom he is presenting. What if people go to sleep or they just get up and walk away? The presenter will never come to know. That is on the lighter side.

If you are going to present the PowerPoint slides you had spent many hours to produce, then ensure that you go to the room or the auditorium with a few people well before your presentation starts. Make the people sit at various corners and center of the auditorium. Dim the lights and see the minimum lighting that lets you see your audience from where you stand during your PowerPoint Presentation.

The lighting up of the area around the screen, the lighting up of the area where you stand on the stage and the lighting of the entire auditorium or the room are all important so that the person presenting as well as the audience can see each other during the presentation without making the screen look dull.

At least an hour prior to your presentation time, ensure that you get all your lights adjusted for the best professional result and also create a great ambiance, right from the time your audience enter the room or the auditorium.

Have the MatsClock 120041a Live 12 hour AM/PM clock you can download by clicking on the green download button above, running on full screen so that both you as well as your audience know exactly what time it is and you can start your presentation on time. Keep your audience mesmerised and earn their respect with more digital clocks from if you want more professional digital clocks for your PowerPoint Presentations.

All MatsClocks are Free to Download and Free to Share with anyone, but without any kind of modifications.I spend tons of hours creating each of these digital clock in PowerPoint Presentation PPTs.

Free Download MatsClock 120041a - Live 12 Hour AM/PM 3D PowerPoint Tea Cup Digital Clock Timer PPT

MatsClock 120041a is a Live 12 hour PowerPoint AM/PM Digital Clock timer running on the side of a tea cup. The Download Zip file MatsClock 120041 PPT contains three separate digital wall clocks inserted into PowerPoint Presentation PPT Slides.

The first digital wall clock is a 12 Hour AM/PM digital clock which can be sen in the screen capture YouTube video above. The 3D tea cup is available in the PowerPoint 3D Catalog. All that I did was to manipulate the tea cup to get this aspect. The other two digital clocks are 12 hour and a 24 hour digital clocks running on a 3D tea cup like this one.

The AM/PM digital clock has AM or PM suffixed to indicate morning and afternoon time in 12 hour time format. And the 24 hour clock timer uses continuous digits from 1 to 24 to indicate time of the day like the clocks you see in the railway stations and the airports and such other places where there is a need to show time without any ambiguity.


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