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MatsClock PowerPoint Presentation Tips - How to be a Confident Presenter on Stage

This should be one of the best Presentation Tips. It has many tips combined to make you a confident presenter on stage. One of the biggest assetts to a good presentation is your confidence. Often people who have presented hundreds of presentations will still feel nervous, if they know that a larger than life dignitary or their senior is going to attend their presentation. Sometimes it is just a fear because you are not well versed with the subject you are presenting.

The most important aspect to remember is that Practice Makes a Man Perfect. So practice your presentation as many times as you can, without beating up yourself. Relax and rehearse till you are confident that you can deliver the presentation flawlessly.

To be more confident and answer the questions posed by your audience, please do lots of research online on the topic you are presenting. Also, make a few slides for answering the queries you expect the audience to ask and then hide these slides to be shown in case someone actually asks those questions.

Enter the room or auditorium well in advance and check out any lose wiring, projector is working, lights to switch on and off in the auditorium etc to avoid any mechanical hitches after you start presenting. Also see that all the fonts on your presentation screen are large enough for anyone sitting at the farthest end of the room or auditorium to read.

Check  that the speakers are positioned correctly and are facing away from the stage to avoid looping of sound from speaker to mic ending up with loud whistling from speakers. The volume is neither too jarring for those sitting next to the speakers but,  is clearly audible to all those who are sitting at all parts of the auditorium. When everything works fine, it make you confident before your audience start arriving. But if something goes wrong after your presentation starts, it could undermine your confidence levels and could be embarrassing.

Drink some water to avoid your throat going dry due to continuous talking you many need to do during your presentation. Keep some water always on the rostrum. But do not drink the whole lot of that water. Just use it to wet your throat once in a while. If your throat goes dry, your voice will break and you may even want to cough. On stage all these things could reduce your confidence and break your thought process during the presentation.

Make eye contact with your audience. Smile if you can. Do not start with introducing your long list of qualifications and experience. If you want to do that, then do it by telling a story about yourself. Otherwise you will not have people listening to you. By looking straight into the eyes of the audience, both you as the presenter and the audience will feel confident in each other.

Avoid reading the text you brought with you. Instead use the bullets and pictures on the slide you had prepared yourself, to deliver your presentation. Note may be refered once in a while. That just tells the audience that you are very meticulous and have come prepared after having done your homework on the topic. The audience will feel confident that they are making good use of their valuable time listening to you.

If you are confident enough then move around on the stage and if you are in a small room then may be you could move into the audience too. Walk naturally without people noticing that you are moving as it will distract them. Avoid walking backwards on the stage. Do not foul with mic or electrical wires and fall down either.

If you are not feeling confident and start sweating, get stomach cramps, dry throat or you start shaking, then the best thing to do is stand behind the rostrum and hold the rostrum firmly with both your hands. That way people will never see you shaking or notice your trembling body or hands.

And do not forget to start your PowerPoint Presentation with Confidence. I recommend you show a MatsClock PowerPoint Presentation Digital Clock running in full screen like MatsClock 120045 or choose another clock from this website. There are hundreds of PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT to choose from. Let the digital clock run for a while and mesmerise your audience. You would earn their respect with just a digital clock displayed on screen, well before you have started your actual PowerPoint Presentation.


Free Download MatsClock 120045 - Live 12 Hour AM/PM PowerPoint Digital Clock Timer PPT

MatsClock 120045 is Live 3D Digital Clock Timer that shows you the time in a full screen mode. The Clock is designed in PowerPoint using many 3D musical instruments like Guitar, Drums, Piano etc. I have positioned these musical instruments in an order I liked. Even the room is created with a 3D room model available in the latest PowerPoint Software. You could change all this in PowerPoint yourself.

There is a black board kept inside a music store room. The black board keeps flashing every second to give the feel of a beautiful digital blackboard screen. I have given five different PowerPoint Digital Clock models in MatsClock 120045 download which are called MatsClock 120045, 120045a, 240045, 260045 and 280045 inside a single Zip file which you can download using the green Download button on top of this page. Two out of the five digital clocks have date also displayed with time.

In case you are going to give a presentation on music or music related subject, then this is the ideal digital clock to show off your PowerPoint skills by just displaying this digital clock like MatsClock 120045a which is an AM/PM digital clock inserted into a PowerPoint Slide. Double click it after downloading the file runs on full screen mode.

You may share the video and the MatsClock 120045 PowerPoint file freely without any modifications.


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