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MatsClock PowerPoint Presentation Tips for Presenting to a Large Audience

In addition to provinding beautiful Flash Clocks and PowerPoint Digital Clocks, you get great PowerPoint tips as well. This time we can discuss the tips towards presenting to a large audience in a large auditorium or in an open space. It requires a lot of guts to stand in front of a large audience and deliver a presentation. A lot of experienced people also may get nervous by just thinking about it.

The First and foremost Presentation Tip is your Confidence. Your confidence depends on your knowledge about the subject which you are aware of or have researched well and the familiarity with your presentation which you have already rehearsed.

The Second Presentation Tip is Your Voice. Reflect confidence in your voice. Speak a bit slower than you would normally talk to someone. Give pause when required to allow your audience to imbibe what you have spoken.

Using a wireless collar mic is preferable as it also allows you to move around on the stage and even move into your audience if you want and are confident. But do not do it too often. Respect privacy of your audience.

The human ears hears any change in sound and will ignore what is routinely happening monotonously. Can you hear your fan or air conditioner or even you fridge running. No, because they are routine sound your brain has learned to ignore eventhough the signals are coming in continuously through your ears. So change your voice and its tone as demanded by the situation. Like when you are asking a question, it should sound like a question and not a statement.

The Third Presentation Tip is Your Smile. In a large space only a few people sitting nearby can see your face clearly. The rest may not see. But if there are large screen on which you get projected, then almost everyone may see your face and body. Thus a smile will make a big difference even if you are not charming personality. And a smile costs you absolutely nothing. The audience will feel relaxed and so will you feel in response.

The Fourth Presentation Tip is Your Body Movement which has a great significance. Use bold gestures and if you use your hand then do not point with one finger. Use your entire open palm to point towards something on the screen.

The human eyes always concentrate on anything that moves for the first time and then will ignore that movement if it is continuous. The eyes locks on to something new if it detects a different type of movement. So once you start moving stop at some point on the stage and then continue for a minute or so before you start moving again. That way you will keep your audience always in attention.

The Fifth Presentation Tip is to have a Laser Pointer. Eventhough you can use the mouse cursor on screen, a laser point is very handy because laser pointer gives a small red or green dot where exactly you want your audience to look. For example you want to highlight a small part of the machine or a drawing on the screen.

But when you are pointing at a bullet, keep the laser pointer at the beginning of the bullet and switch it off once people know which line you are refering to. Never ever move the pointer along the line of text which you are reading. It could be a real irritatable gesture to your audience. 

The sixth Presentation Tip is a Strong and Engaging Content. Usually, a PowerPoint Presentation is designed to help remind you to deliver a subject logically and in sequence to develop a story. But your audience will also see what you have on the PowerPoint Slides. So it is very important that what your audience see is short bullets which are fully engaging and exactly in the sequence in which you are speaking in detail about that topic.

The Seventh Presentation Tip is about Using Pictures and Graphics. Using a picture, photo or graphic makes your work much less because it is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. But do not overdo it. Use bare minimum and relevent pictures in your presentation. Do not make PowerPoint Presentation look like a photo show. They you are not required on stage. Do not lose your own significance by adding too many pictures or graphics.

Put just one or two pictures on screen. Never have a picture as a background as the audience can neither see the picture clearly nor read the text clearly. Keep text and pictures separated.

The Eighth Presentation Tip is Using Videos to effectively demonstrate an idea or to introduce a new equipment etc. Keep the videos short and never exceed a minute per clip. About 20 to 30 seconds videos are the best. People will start thinking only about the video once the video gets over and forget all that you said before they saw the video. I would prefer a video in the beginning of your presentation to generate interest.

If you do not have a relevant video, then I strongly suggest that you just display a MatsClock Digital Clock like MatsClock 120046 on your screen. Everyone knows that PowerPoint does not allow Live Digital Clocks displaying real clock. That is where you will make a difference showcasing a MatsClock which can keep your audience amazed. You will earn instant popularity and earn the audience respect well before your presentation starts.


Free Download MatsClock 120046 - Live 12 Hour AM/PM PowerPoint Digital Clock Timer with Date

MatsClock 120046 is Live 3D Digital Clock Timer that shows you the time inside a Medical Thermometer and date below that on a strip of Medicine with a Stethoscope and Capsules, syringes, etc lying around on the table, in a full screen mode. The Clock is designed in PowerPoint using many 3D Stethescope, capsules, tablets, syringe for injection, etc. I have positioned these Medical instruments in an order I liked. I have used the 3D models available in the latest PowerPoint Software. You could change all this in PowerPoint yourself.

I have given five different PowerPoint Digital Clock models in MatsClock 120046 download Zip file which are called MatsClock 120046, 120046a, 240046, 260046 and 280046 inside a single Zip file which you can easily download using the green Download button on top of this page. All five digital clocks have time displayed inside a Medical Thermometer and two digital clocks even have the date displayed below or above the thermometer.

In case you are going to give a presentation on medical or medicine related topics, then this is the ideal digital clock to show off your PowerPoint skills by just displaying this digital clock like MatsClock 120046 which is an AM/PM digital clock inserted into a PowerPoint Slide. Double click it after downloading the file runs on full screen mode.

You may share the video and the MatsClock 120046 zip file you downloaded or any of the Digital Clock PowerPoint file inside it freely without any modifications.

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