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MatsClock Presentation Tips - Embedding Fonts in PowerPoint

This PowerPoint Presentation Tip is so simple and yet most people are not aware of it. Have you experienced that the Fonts you had used whilst preparing your presentation are not showing up when you run the presentation on another computer? The reason is simple. That computer does not have all the fonts your have installed on your computer.

This PowerPoint tip is on how to embed your fonts into PowerPoint Presentation file. It is simple and has two options. You can either embed the entire font file or embed only those fonts which have been used in your presentation. But what will be the better choice.

First PowerPoint Tip - Selecting Fonts for Your Presentation

The very first PowerPoint tip I would suggest is to use only the default fonts in PowerPoint. This means the presentation fonts would look the same in all the computers and phones or tabs you run that presentation. The most common fonts available on all computers and operating system are Calibri and its variants. But other fonts like Aerial, Times New Roman etc are also available. I normally prefer to use fonts which have no decorations which are also called Sans Serif fonts.

Sans Serif means no decorations. A sans serif font is any day easier to read than other decorated fonts which may be difficult to read from far end of the auditorium. But the choice is yours. If you have children as your audience, use some decorative and beautiful looking fonts. But if your aim to convey a concept or if you are conducting a class or lecture as presentation, then use Serif fonts. Thus the selection of fonts for your presentation depends on your audience and of course your own choice.

Second PowerPoint Tip - Embedding Fonts in Your Presentation File

As we discussed before, if you use a certain font you downloaded and installed into your computer which does not exist on other computers, then you have to embed that font file into your Presentation file so that when you send the PowerPoint Presentation to another computer those fonts are displayed in your presentation screen.

PowerPoint allows embedding font files. But the drawback of embedding font file into the PowerPoint file is that it increases the file size from less than 100 KB of original file size to more than one MB or may be over 10 MB size depending on which font file and how many different fonts are you embedding into that PowerPoint Presentation.

I have experienced my 47 kb file becoming 15 mb file because of just one font file I embedded. If file size is not an issue then by all means use the embed font option. But if you are going to send it on email or display on the web then avoid embedding fonts into the presentation. On the web you could use google fonts which also take time to download to your audience watching your presentation online. But, the download happens only once and thereafter the presentation will run smoothly. Today, most people have fast internet, so the issue of file size is not so much of a hassle.

Third Presentation Tip - Embed only Fonts Used in the PowerPoint File

In case file size is an issue but you still want to use custom fonts, then a better way is to embed only those fonts which have been used in the Presentation. This will keep your file size much smaller than embedding the entire set of fonts. But the drawback of this method is that when you or someone tries to edit the Presentation on another computer, PowerPoint will not be able to show the missing fonts and will replace it with default fonts. Your Presentation will look different or even unprofessional in this case.

Fourth PowerPoint Tip - Procedure to Embed Fonts

It is very simple to embed fonts into your PowerPoint Presentation file. Click on various tabs in this sequence.

Click on the    File tab >> Options tab >> Save tab

Then select "Embed Fonts in the File"

Under it you can either select "Embed only the Characters used in the Presentation (for reducing file size)"

Or you can also select "Embed all Characters (best for editing by other people)"

Click "OK".

That is all. But remember both these options to embed fonts into your Presentation will increase your file size.

Free Download MatsClock 120050 - Live Digital Clock for PowerPoint PPT

This MatsClock 120050 is a simple 3D PowerPoint slide where there is a digital clock running on the wall, with a 3D Microscope floating around in the room. It looks as if the Microscope is floating in space and rotating slowly as if it was inside a space craft. This digital clock would be ideal to be displayed during a presentation related to Medicine or medical subject or in a Biology class room online.

Download MatsClock 120050 and get five different digital clocks namely MatsClock 120050 which is digital clock, MatsClock 120050a which is an AM/PM digital clock, MatsClock 240050 is a 24 hour digital clock, MatsClock 260050 and MatsClock 280050 are digital clocks which display both Date as well as Time in two different formats. You have a choice to select from 5 different digital clocks with this download.

Display any of these MatsClock to get your audience talking about it and earn their respect prior to the commencement of your Presentation. It is guaranteed because the 3D Microscope will surely mesmerise your audience.

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