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MatsClock Presentation Tips - How to Use Laser Pointer in PowerPoint

Did you know there is a Laser Pointer in-built in PowerPoint? This is a great PowerPoint Presentation Tip everyone should know. Sadly most people use the normal mouse pointer whilst doing presentations. Why do you want to waste money buying a Laser Pointer when you already have an inbuilt Laser Pointer in PowerPoint which can be used in the Presentation mode?

The easiest way to get the Red Color Laser Pointer whilst you are in the Presentation Mode is to Press Ctrl and L keys on your keyboard together. To remove it just Press Ctrl and L keys on your keyboard again. There is no color change option in Laser Pointer. It is always red in color. But it is possible to change color of your Pen tool, which you can use to write or draw on screen in the PowerPoint in the Presentation mode.

To get the Pen on the Screen with which  you can write on screen with everything still on your slide is to Press Ctrl and P keys on your keyboard together. You can select the colour of the pen by using the ink color option and start writing on top of your slides. Now if you make a mistake or you want to erase what you wrote then what? Don't worry. PowerPoint has an inbuilt Eraser also. To erase anything you wrote or drawn on the screen just press the key E and everything will vanish from the slide.

But if you want to remove/erase only one or two items you had drawn in presentation mode, then it is better to  Press Ctrl and E keys on your keyboard together. This brings up the Eraser on the screen. Now you can click on all those things you want to erase one by one. Eraser cannot erase anything already existing on the slide. It erases just what you wrote now.

The other option to get the Laser Pointer in PowerPoint in the Presentation mode is to right click on the screen and select the Laser Pointer option to get the Laser Pointer on the screen. To remove the Laser Pointer from the screen all that you need to do is to just press escape. Escape also lets you remove the Eraser and Pen tools as well.

Free Download MatsClock 120052 - Live Digital Clock for PowerPoint PPT

You can Free_Download MatsClock_120052 which contains a set of 5 Digital Clocks designed in PowerPoint. The entire scene of a lawn with tiles laid on the floor which gives a perspective look and the wall are all made in PowerPoint without using any graphics software. In addition the screen and wooden frames in all the MatsClocks like MatsClock 120052, MatsClock 120052a, MatsClock 240052, MatsClock 260052 and MatsClock 280052 all which are contained in the MatsClock 1052 zip file.

These digital clocks when displayed on full screen would mesmerise the audience of any age group because, it a rare sight. I am sure not many people have seen a digital clock running in PowerPoint Presentation Slides. We have achieved it and are giving the world MatsClock for your Presentations absolutely Free. All that we request you in return is to share MatsClocks to maximum people. Remember that "Time is Life".

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