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MatsClock 120056 Happy New Year Digital Clock - Download it Free

Wish You A Happy New Year. This Digital Clock in PowerPoint is a pure animation to display PowerPoint Capability. You can use this Happy New Year Digital Clock absolutely Free and even Share with everyone freely without any modifications to it of any sort. All the hundreds of analog swf flash clocks and PowerPoint digital clocks found on this website are absolutely free to download, use and share.

Free_Download MatsClock_120056 (small file size: 415 KB)  This download zip file contains 5 different Happy New Year MatsClocks designed in PowerPoint namely, MatsClock 120056 MatsClock 120056a, MatsClock 240056, MatsClock 260056 and MatsClock 280056 all which are contained in the MatsClock 120056 zip file.

MatsClock PowerPoint Presentation Tips - Animating Hollow Text from Inside

In this MatsClock 120056 PowerPoint digital clock, you can see the text is static but the animation is running inside the text. This PowerPoint Presentation Tip is very simple and can be done by anyone. No many people are aware of this PowePoint Tip and thus stand to gain the respect of your audience if you can animate your text from inside for your PowerPoint Presentation. Just one slide could keep your audience mesmerised.

To animate the hollow text from inside, you need to cut the text out from a shape. To do this write some text as you would normaly do.

Change the font to any font of your choice and keep it a bit big in size, so that the animation running inside is visible properly.

Now insert a rectangle or any shape using the Insert tab on the top ribbon of PowerPoint.

Adjust the shape's position, such that you cannot see the text at all. It is recommended that you make the shape to cover the entire screen or to cover your slide completely edge to edge.

Right Click on the shape and select "Send to Back" so that the rectangle is now right behind the text.

If you cannot see the text, then change the fill colour of your rectangle or your text to a different colour.

Now press the "Ctrl" and "A" keys on your keyboard to select the rectangle and the text.

Otherwise you can click on the rectangle keeping the "Ctrl" key pressed as you select it and select the text by clicking on the text with "Ctrl" key remaining in pressed condition to select both the rectangle as well as the text.

You can release "Ctrl" key now and go to PowerPoint top ribbon and select the "Format" tab.

From the "Format" Tab Click the "Merge Shapes" option somewhere on the left of the ribbon.

In the Merge Shapes option select the "Subtract" option.

Now you have a rectangle with your text cut and removed from the rectangle exposing whatever is below the rectangle.

PowerPoint Tip for Animating The Hollow Text

Here is the main PowerPoint Tip on how to animate the hollow text you just created. It is very simple.

Insert any shape or photo on the same powerpoint slide you have the rectangle or shape with the text cut out and use some contrasting colour which is different from the rectangle with text cut out.

Click on the "Animations" Tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon on top.

Now you have two options. The first is to select any animation you see on the ribbon to animate the object you have selected.

The second is to click on the "Add Animations" options on the right side, which will open much more animation options and select from it.

Another PowerPoint Tip is that if you keep selecting animations directly without using the Add Animation Option, then the animations will keep getting replaced.

Thus if you want to add more than one animation to the same object then, always use Add Animation option.

Once you have added animations, Click on the "Animation Pane" with which you can manipulate the animation directions, timings, delays, degrees of rotation etc.

To do it click on the "Animations Pane" which opens a menu on the right. You can using the various animations settings to ensure your animations behave the way you want.

After you animate the object on top of your text, all you need to do it to Right Click on the animated object and then select "Send it Back". Do it again till that object is just below the hollow text and you start seeing it through the text holes.

Now run the PowerPoint in Presentation mode and the slide shoudl show the animation you did through the hollow text.

This type of animation is limitless. The only limitation is your limits to  innovate.

Free_Download MatsClock_120056 (small file size: 415 KB)  This PowerPoint Happy New Year Clock is designed using this technique. Try it yourself and enjoy.

I hope these PowerPoint Tips help you in your future PowerPoint Presentation preparations and delivery and earn you the respect of your audience.

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