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MatsClock 120058 - Free Download 3D Digital Clock in PowerPoint

Free_Download MatsClock_120058  This Free download zip file contains 5 different MatsClocks Digital Clocks designed in PowerPoint namely, MatsClock 120058 MatsClock 120058a, MatsClock 240058, MatsClock 260058 and MatsClock 280058 all of which are contained in this small size MatsClock 120058 zip file. This digital clock in PowerPoint idea was triggered a clock gear rotating.

MatsClock PowerPoint Tips - Create Rotating 3D Gear Animation in PowerPoint

This MatsClock 120058 digital clock has been designed using PowerPoint Tips called duplicating an object and animating an object.

Click  the Insert Tab in PowerPoint ribbon menu and then clicke on the Smart Art Tab.

Then Select a Smart Art which has three Gears. From this delete everything except one gear and reduced the size of the unwanted curved arrow in the gear because it cannot be deleted from the smart art.

Once you have a Single Gear shape available in PowerPoint slide, click the mouse on the gear object and select the animation you want using the drop down menu. Preferable is to select the Spin animation from the drop down animation list.

Now click on the Animations Tab on the PowerPoint ribbon menu on top and from that click the Animation Pane Tab.

This action opens the animation pane on the right side. Click on the animation shown below the Play All button there to select it and then click on the drop down arrow on the right of the selected animation.

This opens a dialog box called Effects Option which has the Effects and Timings etc. It is preferable to select a 360 degree spin setting zero for the smooth start and end for continuous rotation.

You can also set the time of rotation to something like 30 seconds to get a smooth slow rotation. And Select the Start option as With Previous.

There after, keeep pressing the Ctrl and D keys on the keyboard to duplicate the gear. Once you get the duplicate gear placed automatically at a distance from the original gear, open the Effects Option and set the Delay time to 0.3 seconds or what ever you like.

Duplicate this gear and set the Delat time to 0.6 seconds. Duplicate it by pressing Ctrl + D keys on the keyboard and set the Delay time to 0.9 seconds to this third one and so on.

Once you are happy with the placement and time settings and delay times, run the slide in presentation mode and watch this great presentaiton with a long axle full of gears which starts rotating from the further end with each gear starting its slow spin 0.3 seconds after the previous and there after they start rotating as a single object as you can see the YouTube Video of MatsClock 120058 Digital Clock shown on top of this page.

This is exactly the way this MatsClock 120058 Digital Clock rotating gear animation was created. You can Free_Download MatsClock_120058  which is a beautiful animation with a Digital Clock Ticking Live in the center and designed purely in PowerPoint.

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Let us hope these PowerPoint Tips help you in your future PowerPoint Presentation preparations and earn you the most respect from your audience.

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