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MatsClock 120060 - Free PowerPoint Digital Clock with Date and Time

Free_Download MatsClock_120060  This Free download zip file contains 5 different Neon MatsClocks Digital Clocks designed in PowerPoint without using any other graphics software. The zip file contains MatsClock 120060, MatsClock 120060a, MatsClock 240060, MatsClock 260060 and MatsClock 280060 all of which are contained in this small size MatsClock 120060 zip file. This Beautiful MatsClock 120060 displays time and Date on the wall.

 The design is simple. There is a small room with some boxes lying around, some of which have light inside the boxes which flash sequentially. If you want you can learn how to create this by reading the tutorial below.

PowerPoint Animation Tips - Animating Flashing Light Inside a Box

The lights flashing from inside the box was an idea came when I was searching something in a dark room inside some boxes lying around in a room. The torch light was falling on the inner walls and giving a glow around the box. It looked beautiful from outside. And MatsClock 120060 was designed on this concept.

Creating a box is fairly simple. You can either download a 3D room available in PowerPoint to create the room or you can make a few rectangles and create a room as I have done to keep the PowerPoint file size small. Choose your favourite colours for the walls and floor.

For creating the open boxes, take a picture of a few open boxes at home or online and put in the back ground or insert into the PowerPoint slide.

Then click on the PowerPoint ribbon menu and click on Shapes. Then select a Rectangle from the drop down menu and Draw a rectangle near the box.

Now right click on the rectangle and select "Edit Points" option which you can see in the right click drop down menu.

This will give you the selection rectangle as well as four black points connected by red lines. These are the corners of the rectangle which can be edited.

Click on any of the four black dots and drag the dot to one corner of any face of the box. Position each of the four black dots on each of the corner of the face of the box.

Now create another rectangle and edit the corner points in a similar fashion to create another face of the rectangle.

Once you finish making a face of the box right click on it and select Format Shape option and you will see a menu opening up on the right side of your slide. On this click on the Fill Option and select Gradient fill.

Select a preset gradient of your choice and select the Type as Radial and then click on the Direction where you have to select the gradient with a bright center part to apply it to the box face.

You can adjust the gradient stops, colour of each of the Gradient stop, the transparency of the colour and even the brightness of each colour.

Now click on each face of the box you had created by editing rectangles and click on gradient fill. The gradient fill you had used before will automatically get applied. If you want you may further edit these.

Once you have finished doing the gradient fill, you may delete the original box picture which you were using as a background to design the box faces.

Then select all  by either selecting all the box faces individually or dragging your mouse of by just pressing the Ctrl and A keys together.

Now click on the Format menu in the PowerPoint ribbon menu and look to the right most end of the ribbon and click on the word Group. This will group all the individual individual faces you had created into a single box.

Now make a duplicate of the group by pressing Ctrl and D keys on the keyboard. Now open the Selection Pane by clicking on Selection Pane tab in the PowerPoint ribbon menu. The selection pane will open on the right side of your slide.

Select each of the faces of the box inside the duplicate group and right click on each and select format object. Now give a solid colour to each face.

Then right click on the duplicate box group and send it backwards. Then align both the box groups by selecting Ctrl + A and selecting Format Tab in the PowerPoint ribbon menu from which you need to click on the Align menu.

From the drop down menu that appears select Align Center and Align Middle options. Otherwise align both boxes youself using the mouse.

Creating Flashing Light Animation Inside The Boxes - PowerPoint Tips

If you see, you have one box created with plain colour on all faces and another face which has a radial gradient faces. The radial box face group is on top. So now we need to animate this to get the flashing light animation inside the box.

Click on the Gradient face box group.

Then, Click on the PowerPoint Ribbon and Select the Animations Tab.

Now click on the Add Animation with a Big Blue Star above it on the PowerPoint ribbon menu.

Click on the Red Coloured Fade Animation somewhere on the bottom of the add animation drop down menu.

To change the the flashing light animation settings inside the box, we need to first click on the PowerPoint ribbon menu and select the Animations Tab.

From the Animations Tab, click on the Animation Pane. This will open a menu on the right side of you slide.

Click on the Box Group you see in the Animation Pane. Then click on the right side where you see a small triangle pointing downwards.

In the drop down menu that opens, Select the Effects Option Tab to open the settings dialog box.

On the dialog box Click on the Timings. Then change the Start setting to With Previous, leave the Delay time as Zero, Select the Duration as 3 seconds and Repeat as Until End of Slide and Close the dialog box by clicking OK button below it.

Your PowerPoint Flashing Light inside the Box Animation is ready for the show.

If you want more such flashing light inside the box animations on the same slide, all that you need to do is to duplicate the two box groups using Ctrl + D keys on the keyboard and then changing the delay time in the animation dialog box to say 0.5 seconds or whatever you want to make the lights inside the boxes flashing at different time. If you want all the boxes flashing light at the same time then keep the delay time as zero.

Animating Flashing Light Box Glow - PowerPoint Tips

To give a glow all around the box when the lights inside the box flashes, you need to give a separate animation of a glow.

To do this, go once again to the Insert Tab in the PowerPoint ribbon menu and select Shapes. Then click on the Circle or Oval Shape from drop down menu.

Drag your mouse on the screen with left mouse key and your Shift Keys pressed on the keyboard to make a small circle.

Now Right Click on the circle and select Format Shape.

On the Format Menu on the right select Fill and then clickon the Pentagon next to the paint bucket to open another menu.

To make the circle look like a glow, click on the Glow option and give a preset glow option of your choice.

Other wise, you can also use the same Gradient Fill option you used for making the lighted face of the box. Only difference here would be that you will make the radial colour on the outter side fully transparent or 100%.

Once this is done, give exactly the same animation to this circle as the animation you gave to the flashing box. Adjust the size of the circle and the colours to make the circle look like a real glow around the box.

That is all and you will have the same animation as you see in the MatsClock 120060 Free Digital Clock for PowerPoint. 

You can Free_Download MatsClock_120060  which is a beautiful animation with a Digital Clock Ticking Live in the center of your screen and designed purely in PowerPoint. Let us hope these PowerPoint Tips help you in your future PowerPoint Presentation preparations and earn you the most respect from your audience.

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