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MatsClock 120061 - Free PowerPoint Swinging Pendulum Digital Clock with Date and Time

Free_Download MatsClock_120061  Free download MatsClock 120061 zip file containing 5 different Swinging Pendulum MatsClocks Digital Clocks designed purely in PowerPoint without using any other graphics or animation software at all. The zip file contains MatsClock 120061, MatsClock 120061a, MatsClock 240061, MatsClock 260061 and MatsClock 280061 all of which are contained in this small size MatsClock 120061 zip file. This Beautiful MatsClock 120061 displays time and Date with a watermelon swinging like a pendulum created purely in PowerPoint only.

Free PowerPoint Tips - Creating the Swinging Pendulum Animation in PowerPoint

This Free PowerPoint Tip is how to create a Swinging Pendulum Animation in a PowerPoint Slide. It is fairly simple if you follow the tips.

To create a Pendulum you can use any shape or combine a few shapes by adding, subtracting, intersecting, or fragmenting. Once you have your shape ready like the Watermelon used above, make a circle with twice the length of the object you are using as a pendulum as the radius.

Then place the circle in such a way that the center of the circle is exactly where you want the pivot of the pendulum, or the point about which the object you created should start swinging.

Now select all the objects you want to swing and the circle by keeping the 'Ctrl' key pressed on the keyboard.

Now Press 'Ctrl' and 'G' keys on the keyboard and the entire set of objects including the circle will become a single grouped object.

Then, Click on the PowerPoint Ribbon menu and select 'Animations' Tab. From that select the 'Animation Pane' which will open the Animation Pane on the right hand side of your slide.

Now, Click on the 'Add Animations' Tab. This will open a drop down menu with a lot many animations in it.

Select the 'Spin' Animation which is written below a star with an arrow on its left top.

The moment you do this PowerPoint will run the animation just once to display what the animation would be like on your selected Pendulum object which starts swinging like a pendulum.

But the Pendulum may be swinging 45 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right.

A real grandfather clock pendulum does not swing that much, but just about 5 or 10 degrees depending on how long the pendulum is.

So to fix the excess swing down to about 10 degrees and get a one second timing, you need to do a little more tweaking to the animation.

On the PowerPoint ribbon menu look for the 'Effects Option' and click on it to get another drop down menu.

On this dropdown menu select the 'Quarter Spin'.

On the right hand side 'Animation Pane' select the object you are currently animating and click on the small down facing arrow on its rightmost end.

This will open another dropdown menu.

On this menu select the 'Effects Option'. This will open a small dialog box.

The first tab is Effects. In this there is 'Amount' 90 degrees written. When you click on it, a new dropdown menu opens.

In this dropdown menu, change the 'Custom' amount to 10 degrees or whatever you want.

Under that is the 'Smooth Start' and 'Smooth Stop' options. Select 1 second in both.

Below that look for the 'Auto-Reverse' and put a tick in the check box by just clicking the box.

Now on top of the dialog box, click on the 'Timings' tab and change the 'Start' option to 'With Previous'

Change the Delay only if you want to delay the start of the animation. Just leave it at zero.

Then change the 'Duration' to 20 seconds or any time duration. If you are using it for swinging a clock pendulum, then set it at 1 second.

Chang the 'Repeat' Option to 'Until End of Slide'

That is all. Now Click the OK button on the dialog box to close it.

Your Swinging Pendulum Animation is complete. Press the Function key F5 on the keyboard or click the icon on the bottom right to run the presentation mode in full screen. Enjoy your Pendulum swinging.

In the MatsClock 120060, I have created a small graphic to look like a piece of Watermelon. And I have made that cut Watermelon to swing like a pendulum in a clock.

I hope you liked the Digital Clock.  Free_Download MatsClock_120061  which is a beautiful swinging pendulum animation with a Digital Clock Ticking Live in the center of your screen displaying time and Date. It is designed purely in PowerPoint.

Let us hope these PowerPoint Tips help you in your future PowerPoint Presentation preparations and earn you respect from your audience.

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