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MatsClock 120063 - Free Digital WallClock in PowerPoint Slide

Free_Download MatsClock_120063  Free download MatsClock 120063 zip file. It is packed with a total of 5 different MatsClock Digital Wall Clocks designed purely in PowerPoint without using any other graphics or animation software at all.

The Digits look as if they are actually on the wall and changing as realistic as it would look in real world with beautiful colours and shadow. It is hard to believe that MatsClock 120063 Digital Wall Clock is actually running purely in PowerPoint. Even the grey wall, the ceiling and the two lights look so realistic as if they were a photo or a video shot with a camera. This Digital Clock portrays how Powerful the PowerPoint software could be in the hands of an expert.

The zip file contains MatsClock 120063, MatsClock 120063a, MatsClock 240063, MatsClock 260063 and MatsClock 280063 all of which are contained in this small size MatsClock 120063 zip file. This Beautiful MatsClock 120063 Digital Wall Clock displays time and Date on a grey wall. It is created purely in PowerPoint only without using any other graphics software of any sort.

Free PowerPoint Tips - Check Spellings in Your Presentations

I gave my first ever PowerPoint Presentation to a very large audience during a . I was selected based on my knowledge but not my PowerPoint Presentation skills. I was a rookie. After my presentation got over, there was a tea break before the next presenter came in. One person who was actually reading my presentation slides said, "Your presentation had four spellng errors."

I could not belive it. I had checked my slides at least five times for spelling mistakes and was fully satisfied that there are no spelling mistakes. So I asked him, "Can you remember where all?"

The gentleman told me exactly where all there were errors in spellings. I could not believe him. But after the seminar was over and I reached my hotel, I took out my laptop and searched for the errors. The spelling errors were there. How did I miss it? I have no idea.

It is said that we always recognise words, not read the spellings. This is where the PowerPoint Spell Checker comes in handy. Once you finish creating your presentation you should always use the spell checker and correct all the spelling errors.

If your PowerPoint presentation slides have even one spelling error, the audience  then instead of appreciating your presentation, the knowledge you imparted to the audience.

Tips to Use PowerPoint Spelling Checker

Here is the most important PowerPoint Tip which I learned from my experience narrated above. After I finish creating and editing my PowerPoint Presentations, I always go to the 'PowerPoint Ribbon' Menu, Click on 'Review' Tab and then Click on 'Spelling'. Immediately PowerPoint Spelling Errors start getting highlighted on the right side of my slide.

You have five options. Either you can Change that word with spelling error to what the PowerPoint spelling checker is suggesting or Change all the words in the entire document with that same spelling error with one of the suggestions you see listed one below the other.

The next two options are to ignore that word with spelling error or ignore all the words with that same spelling error. The last option is to Add that spelling to your PowerPoint dictionary residing in your PC or Phone so that the word is no more considered as a spelling error. An example is the word Colour. In some countries it is written as Color and others write it as Colours.

Depending on the language options you had selected during computer setting up, one of them will appear as a spelling error. The best option in this case is to Add the word being considered as a spelling error into the PowerPoint Dictionary.

The PowerPoint spelling checker is an amazing tool which everyone must use before finalising the Presentation. I hope this PowerPoint tip comes in handly and your efforts get appreciated by your audience.

I hope you liked this Digital Wall Clock.  Free_Download MatsClock_120063  which is a beautiful Wall Clock animation with a Digital Clock Ticking Live in the center of your screen displaying time and Date on a grey. It is designed purely in PowerPoint.

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