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MatsClock 120071 - Free Live Digital Clock PowerPoint Slide

Free_Download MatsClock_120071 PPT  Free download MatsClock 120071 Zip file. It is packed with a total of 5 different MatsClock Live Digital Clocks designed in PowerPoint. Each of these PowerPoint slides has a different Live Time and Date display. The MatsClock 120071 zip file contains MatsClock 120071, MatsClock 120071a, MatsClock 240071, MatsClock 260071 and MatsClock 280071 all of which are contained in this small size MatsClock 120071 zip file.

PowerPoint Tips - Changing Slide Colour Themes

This PowerPoint Tip is written to help you make your PowerPoint Presentation to have a constant design elements, colours, fonts etc throughout your presentation. Most people are not aware of how simple PowerPoint is to change the colours or your slide as a theme. It is very simple to do and the results show up on the slide in realtime by just hovering your mouse over various themes, colours and fonts.

To change the Slide Colour Theme, just go to the ribbon menu on top of your PowerPoint software and Click on the "Design" Tab.

This will open a ribbon menu below the Design Tab with many colourful tiles. OneThe left hand side set of tiles are call as the Themes and the right hand side you will see the varients of each of these teams.

Just hover your mouse over each Slide Theme and which ever slide is open will magically change to that theme. Shift your mouse to the next one and your slide will display that theme now. Once you have decided which is the Colour theme you want for your PowerPoint Slide, just click on that PowerPoint Slide Colour Theme.

Now on the right hand side you will see some more tiles below which Variants is written. Hover your mouse over them and the selected PowerPoint Slide Theme will change to that Colour Variant. Whichever variant you like just click on it to apply that theme to your PowerPoint Presentation.

Both the Colour Theme as well as the Variants have a drop down arrow at the end of each set of tiles. Just click on it to see the entire set of tiles from which you can choose. Similarly the Variant also has a drop down menu arrow. By clicking on that drop down arrow another menu opens below which has four items namely, Colour, Font, Effects and Background Styles.

By using these selections you can change the entire PowerPoint Slide Themes and Colour Variants in a couple of mouse clicks without the need to go and change each of your dozens of Slide Colour Themes individually. You can do that if you want but why do you want to waste so many hours to do it. Use the inbuilt intelligent Slide Colour Themes and Colour Varients in your PowerPoint easily to achieve the same and save time.

I hope that PowerPoint tip helps you make many more beautiful PowerPoint Presentations and Earn the Respect of your Audience. And I also hope you liked this Digital Clock.  Free_Download MatsClock_120071 PPT  which has 5 beautiful Credit Card Digital Clock animations displaying time in full screen.

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