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MatsClock 120078 - Free Live Digital Clock PowerPoint Slide PPT

Free_Download MatsClock_120078 PPT  Free download MatsClock_120078 Zip file which is a very small size file, despite having such heavy animations, because these digital clocks and animations use only the in-built features of PowerPoint. No external software is used to keep the file size miniscule. Display time in full screen and Earn Respect from Your Audience absolutely for Free.

This file is packed with a total of 5 Powerful MatsClock Live and Ticking Digital Clocks designed in PowerPoint. Each of these PowerPoint slides has a different Live Time and Date display. The MatsClock_120078 zip file contains MatsClock_120078, MatsClock_120078a, MatsClock 240078, MatsClock_260078 and MatsClock_280078 all of which are contained in this small size file named MatsClock_120078 zip.

Presentation Tips - Create 3D Text Effect Word Art in PowerPoint Slides

This is a great PowerPoint Tip. Would you like to see a 3D Text Head line on your PowerPoint Slides? If yes and if you do not know how to do it then follow these steps.

Open a blank slide. Go to the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu and click on Insert Tab. In the Insert Tab look for the Word Art Button which has the alphabet A written with an angle and click on it.

This will open a drop down menu with Capital A written many different ways. Click on the one you want and then click anywhere on the slide.

This opens a rectangle and then you just need to type in the Text you want and the whole thing will be in the word art format you had selected.

Keep your text rectangle selected and then go to PowerPoint Ribbon Menu and select the Format Options to find the Word Art.

Use the Fill Option, the Outline Option next to the Word Art A, to change the colours of your text fill and outlines.

You will also find the Text Effects option there with many more options like Shadow, Reflection, Glow, Bevel, 3D Rotation and Transform.

When you hover your mouse over these options, each will give more sub menu, in which you can select the effect you want.

The way you use these options can enhance your text line and give a professional look.

I recommend that you put only one 3D text line in one slide. Too many 3D text will not look good and can distract your audience.

Everything in  PowerPoint can be done with just the mouse and keyboard by anyone without any computer or PowerPoint experience.

It is so easy to produce visually pleasing PowerPoint Slides the you can run your imagination wild.

I hope this PowerPoint Presentation Tips will help you make and deliver a great presentation in future.

And I also hope you liked this Digital Clock.  Free_Download MatsClock_120078 PPT  which has 5 beautiful Digital Clock animations PowerPoint PPT Slides displaying time in full screen.

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