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MatsClock 120092 - Glass Digital Clock Free PowerPoint PPT Slides

Glass_Digital_Clock MatsClock-120092  Free download MatsClock_120092 Zip file which is a set of 5 Beautiful  Digital Clocks with Digits made of Glass, inserted into 5 different PowerPoint Slides. This MatsClock is a Free for Download PPT file. Earn Respect from Your Audience or students by keeping them mesmerised with Time and Date displayed live on full screen during your presentation.

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PowerPoint Tip - How to Insert Equation Easily in PowerPoint Slide

This is one of the best PowerPoint Tips you would come across. Although, it is there to use, most people are not aware of it. Here is how to Easily Write and Equation the way you want in PowerPoint Slide.

First Click on the "Insert" Tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon menu on top.

In the Insert drop down menu look for the symbol of "Pi" written as Π under which you can see the word "Equation" written. Now click on a very small triangle under the word Equation which is pointing down.

This will open a small dialog box with a list of many types of mathematical formula or equations written.

Now look at the bottom of this drop down list and Click on the "Ink Equation" written next to a small square with a pen in it.

This will open a big yellow box called "Math Input Control". Start writing inside the yellow box, the Equation or Formula you want to write using your left mouse button pressed, exactly as you would write on a piece of paper with a pen. On a touch screen use your finger or the stylus to do this instead of the mouse button.

As you start writing the PowerPoint will keep recognising the characters and their positions and convert it into formula instantly and keep showing you in realtime whatever formula you are writing in the Preview just above.

You also have Option below the yellow box which lets you Write, Erase, Select and Edit as well as Clear.

Once you finish writing your Math Equation, Click on "Insert" button and your formula is inserted. That is all.

I am sure that you liked this Useful PowerPoint Tip and it will make editing your presentations easier in future.

If you liked this Glass_Digital_Clock MatsClock-120092 then, You can add this Glass Digital Clock PowerPoint Slide either at the beginning or at the End of Your Presentation, you could add If you liked this Digital Clock with Glass Digits, then please share the link to this website or the youtube video on your facebook, twitter, reddit, email etc.

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