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MatsClock 120093 - Glass Digital Clock Free PowerPoint PPT Slides

Glass_Digital_Clock MatsClock-120093  Free download MatsClock_120093 Zip file which is a set of 5 Beautiful  Digital Clocks with Digits made of Glass, inserted into 5 different PowerPoint Slides. This MatsClock is a Free for Download PPT file. Earn Respect from Your Audience or students by keeping them mesmerised with Time and Date displayed live on full screen during your presentation.

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PowerPoint Tip - Croping a Picture to Shape

Did you know how easy it is to Crop a picture to a Shape, any shape you want?

This PowerPoint Tip is so easy to use. Create a New Slide.

Insert a picture you want to Crop to Shape.

Click on the Picture.

On the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu Bar, click on the Format Picture option.

Look for "Crop" option on the far right side of the PowerPoint Drop Down Menu.

Click on the small traingle facing downwards to open another dialog box.

Here Click on the "Crop to Shape" Option and Select the Shape You want to Crop Picture.

Now the picture will crop to shape with some T handles and Corner handles. Do not touch any oth them unless you want to do it manually.

Suppose you clicked Cricle. The picture will look cropped to an Elipse.

Now Click on the Crop down facing triangle once again and select Aspect Ratio.

Now click on the 1:1 option to get the perfect circle shape.

You can drag your picture around inside to reposition the selected part inside the circle or the Shape, using the mouse left button pressed.

Once you are satisified with what you see inside the Shape you chose, just click outside the highlighted area and the picture is magically cropped.

Just incase you are not satisfied, click on the Picture once again and repeat the procedure of Click on the down facing rectangle below the Crop Picture in Format on the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu and then drag the picture the way you want. PowerPoint is very flexible to use.

Once done positioning, just click outside the frame and your crop is done to any shape you wanted.

I hope this PowerPoint Tip on how to Crop a Picture to Shape helps you in your future PowerPoint Presentations.

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