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MatsClock 120096 - Windmill Farm Free PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT Slides

WindMill Farm Digital_Clock MatsClock-120096  Free Download MatsClock_120096 Zip file with 5 Beautiful  Digital Clocks PowerPoint PPT Slides. This MatsClock is Free to Download, Use and Share Freely. Run this Digital Clock during any PowerPoint Presentation especially if it is Windmill or Wind Energy related  and Earn Respect from Your Audience or students by keeping them mesmerised with Time and Date displayed live on full screen with dozens of Windmills rotating on a hill top with a Sunset background, during your presentation. It is very beautiful and relaxing to see the Digital Clock show time with Digits made of Glass.

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PowerPoint Tip - Insert a Filled Map in PowerPoint with Data

I bet you did not know this PowerPoint Tip. Well most people don't know about it. It is about how to insert a filled Map in PowerPoint with data. To insert a filled map of a country or continent with some data in an Excel Sheet is very simple. Just follow the steps below;

Go to the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu and Click on "Insert" Tab.

In the drop down ribbon menu look for the Tab named "Chart" or the Chart icon is visible and Click on it. This opens up the Inert Chart Dialog Box.

Under the "All Charts" look for the "Map" Tab and click on it. You will see a World Map show up on its right hand side with the words "Filled Map" written just above it.

Now Click "OK" Button and your Filled Map is inserted into your PowerPoint PPT Slide.

Along with the Chart you will see an Excel Data Table in Green colour also open up.

Inside the Excel table you will see some data is prefilled.

 You can change these data with any country name, any city name or even just the Zip Code or PIN Code of the place and the Map will Fill that Country, City or Place with colour code corresponding to the Country or Place you filled the Data in the next column of the Excel Sheet.

The Map is live and will update live instantly as you keep filling the data against each place or Add/Delete a place from the table.

The Filled Map has even more features.

You can change the colours of the Data according to your choice or use some pre-formatted themes from the ribbon menu visible when you click the map.

With a filled map inserted, your PowePoint Presentation looks highly professional especially if it is a business presentation or a classroom lecture.

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