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MatsClock 120097 - Free Windmill PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT Slide

WindMill Digital_Clock MatsClock-120097  Free Download MatsClock_120097 Zip file with 5 Beautiful  Digital Clocks PowerPoint PPT Slides with beautiful Sunset behind a lone Windmill rotating into the Sun. This MatsClock is Free to Download, Use and Share Freely. Run this Digital Clock during any PowerPoint Presentation especially if it is Windmill or Wind Energy related  and Earn Respect from Your Audience or students by keeping them mesmerised with Time and Date displayed live on full screen with dozens of Windmills rotating on a hill top with a Sunset background, during your presentation. It is very beautiful and relaxing to see the Digital Clock show time with Digits made of Glass.

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PowerPoint Tips - Conver Your Text to Smart Art Graphics

This a great PowerPoint Tip which may not be known to many people. Most people first go to Insert Smart Art Graphics first and then start typing in their text. Its a good idea.

But what do you do if you have already made your bulleted text and want to now make it into Smart Art Graphics. Well there is a very easy way to do it.

Type your text and keep using "Enter" where you want the text to break and become the next bullet or line.

Once you have finished typing your text in your PowerPoint slide in different lines, go to the Ribbon Menu on top and click on the "Home" Tab.

Now look for a button with "Conver to Smart Art" written on it and click on it.

This opens a drop down menu with many Smart Art formats. The moment you hover your mouse over it, your text on the slide will convert to that smart. Keep moving your mouse over each smart art and see which one suits the best and click on it. It is that simple to accomplish.

In case you did not like the Smart Art types in the drop down menu, then click on the "More SmartArt Graphics" button to ger a huge selection of Smart Art Graphics.

Select the one you like and click on it. And the magic happens. Your plani text is now converted into a beautiful Smart Art Graphic to give your PowerPoint Presenation a professional look.

I hope you liked the Convert Text to Smart Art Graphics PowerPoint Tip. In addition if you liked our WindMill Digital_Clock MatsClock-120097  then please share a link to this website or the youtube video on your facebook, twitter, reddit, email etc.

Every page with a PowerPoint digital clock on website will also have at least one PowerPoint tip as well. Please bookmark for future by clicking the Favourite or star near the browser address bar. We have been providing everything free to everyone since 2010.

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