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MatsClock 120105 - Free 3D Buildings PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT Slide

Free Digital_Clock MatsClock-120105  Free Download MatsClock_120105 Zip file with 5 Free 3D Digital Clocks PowerPoint PPT Slides which you can use in your Presentations. This MatsClock is Free to Download, Use and Share Freely. Run this Digital Clock during any PowerPoint Presentation and get your audience hooked to your Presentation. These 3D buildings in this PowerPoint Slide will steal the show. It is running in a PowerPoint Slide and it is absolutely Royalty-Free.

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Free PowerPoint Tips -  How to Select Colours Outside PowerPoint Window Using Eye Dropper Tool

Have you ever wanted to use a colour in your PowerPoint Slide that you saw on some website or a photo or a document?

If your answer is Yes, then here is the PowerPoint Trick how to use that colour from outside your PowerPoint Window using the Eye Dropper Tool.

The first step is to Open the document, photo or website from where you want to use a particular Colour.

Now go to your PowerPoint Window and reduce its size so that the Website or Photo is visible outside the PowerPoint Window.

You can do this using the "Restore Down" that looks like two squares one over the other on the right top of all Windows between the"-" (minimise) and "x" (close) buttons.

You can further readjust the PowerPoint Window size moving any of the four edges of the Window to see the colour in the Photo or Website below PowerPoint Window.

Now to use the Colour outside the PowerPoint Window use these steps.

In PowerPoint Slide, Click the item whose colour you want to change.

Then, Click on the Format Shape on the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu on top.

After this Click on the "Shape Fill" Tab

From the Drop Down Menu that shows up, Click on the "Eyedropper" Tab and the mouse cursor will turn to an eye dropper icon.

The mouse eye dropper icon will vanish the moment you take the mouse cursor outside.

Here is the most important step.

Once the mouse changes to an Eye Dropper Icon, Click inside your Slide and keep the left mouse button pressed continuously.

Now take the mouse cursor outside the PowerPoint Window to any other place and the Eye Dropper icon will remain on the mouse.

Take this Eye Dropper icon with your left mouse button pressed and then release when you see the colour you wanted to use inside the colour square on the mouse cursor just above the Eye Dropper mouse icon.

And you will the selected item get the colour you selected despite the item is outside your PowerPoint Window.

I hope you liked this PowerPoint Tip and it helps you to save a lot of time and create beautiful PowerPoint Presentations.

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