MatsClock 120110 - Free 3D PowerPoint Digital Clock

MatsClock 120110 - Free 3D Hurricane Lamp Digital Clock PowerPoint PPT Slide

Free Digital_Clock MatsClock-120110  Free Download MatsClock_120110 Zip file with 5 Free 3D Digital Clocks PowerPoint PPT Slides with 3D Hurricane Lamps which you can use in your Presentations including your Business Presentations absolutely Royalty-Free. This Hurricane Lamp keeps flying around in this PowerPoint Slide will certainly keep your audience amazed throughout your Presentation.

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Free PowerPoint Tips - How To Insert and Animate 3D Objects in to PowerPoint Slide

Did you know that PowerPoint allows inserting 3D objects. If you know how to then you can skip this PowerPoint Tips.

PowerPoint has a ton of 3D objects that are inbuilt, but avialable for download from online. To insert one of these 3D Objects you need to do these steps.

On the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu, click on the "Insert" Tab.

Look for "3D Models" Tab and click the very small drop down arrow next to it.

This gives two options, "This Device" and "Stock 3D Models..."

PowerPoint Tips

If you have some 3D models you can use them from your own computer or you can use the "Stock 3D Models" Option which takes you to a lot of 3D Models available online.

Click on the various categories of 3D models available you see and select the 3D model of your choice. You can insert more than one 3D Model. Then Click on the "Insert" Button.

The more the number of 3D models you choose, the more time it will take to download them depending on the size of the file of the 3D object that you have selected. Intricate objects will need more data to download compated to simple objects. Thus, it will also increase the PowerPoint file size if you have downloaded some complex 3D object.

PowerPoint Tips

The above 3D aircraft and 3D dinasaur has been downloaded from online PowerPoint Stock 3D Models.

Once the 3D model has been downloaded, You can change the orientation of the 3D Model using the inbuilt options or using the double wire loop in the center. You can even choose to Pan and Zoom the 3D Models.

You can also Animate each of these 3D objects using the 3D animation options built into PowerPoint like Arrive, Turn Table, Swing, Jump & Turn, Leave etc that are specific to 3D object animation.

That is all and when you run the animation of the 3D Object, these objects actually start rotating or animating realistically as if they were real objects.

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