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MatsClock 120112 - Free 3D City Block PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT Slides

Free Download MatsClock 120112 This MatsClock is our latest PowerPoint 3D Digital Clock. This zip file contains 5 PPT Slides with Unique Digital Clocks on each slide. You can use these MatsClocks absolutely Royalty-Free in your Presentations including your Business Presentations. The MatsClock is a stand alone PowerPoint PPT file in the ppsm format that you can download and run by just double clicking on the downloaded file. Everyday we release on Digital Clock on our Digital_Clock_YouTube_Channel. We release one new Free MatsClock every day on Youtube. So Subscribe to our Youtube Channel called Digital Clock if you want to be notified.

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PowerPoint Tip - Insert Icons Instead of Bullets

Did you know that in PowerPoint you can insert Icons in place of standard bullets? Here is your PowerPoint Tip to easily insert the icon of your choice.

To insert an Icon in PowerPoint, you need to first click anywhere in the text to replace the standard bullet. In case you want to insert the same icons for all the bullets then click on the line border of the text box.

In the Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon Menu Click on the "Home" Tab and then Click the Bullets to create a Buletted List or a Numbered List.

Now Click on the very small arrow on the right side of the Bullets Tab to open a drop down menu. This will open a drop down list.

At the end of this drop down menu you will see a tab named "Bullets and Numbering". Just Click on this Bullets and Numbering to open a new dialog box.

PowerPoint Bullets and Numbering

Now you will see on the bottom of this dialog box the options 100% of text which you can change upto 400%, then you have a button called "Picture" and another button called "Customize".

Click on the "Picture" Button and you get 3 options namely, From a File, Online Pictures and From Icons. Select whichever you want.

PowerPoint Bullets and Icons

If you select "From Icons", then another dialog box opens with a lot of icons from which you can select the one you like by Clicking the Icon.

Insert Icons in PowerPoint

Now Click on the "Insert" Button.

That is all. The Icon you selected has replaced the standard bullet of your text. In case you had selected the entire text box with multiple bullets, then all the bullets would have been replaced by the Icon you had selected.

In case you want to apply the same bullets elsewhere, you do not have to repeat the entire procedure because this is automatically added to the Bullets list on the PowerPoint Ribbon Menu and can be reused as many times as you want.

I hope these PowerPoint Tips help you to create beautiful and customised PowerPoint Presentations and save you lot of time.

You can find one PowerPoint Tip on each and every Page on If you liked this PowerPoint Tip then we request you to consider sharing link to our website on social media. Everything at MatsClock is FREE.


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