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MatsClock 120119 - Live Time and Date Digital Clock Display in a PowerPoint PPT Slide for Free

Free_Download MatsClock_120119 PPT  MatsClock 120119 is a set of 5 Free Digital Clocks that can display Live Time and Date in a PowerPoint Slides. You could keep your audience looking time passing in a uniquely beautiful way on a full screen well before your Presentation starts and even during your tea break and at the end during the question answer session of your Presentation.

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MatsClock 120119 is designed purely in powerpoint only without using any other graphic or 3D software. The Live Digital Clock Time display is placed on one side of a translucent cube which lights up once every second. The light is designed to light up one side of the cube, then the second side and then the side on which the Live Time is ticking.

All our Clock designs are avaiable on this website and are given away absolutely free to be used by people who give presentations. There is an unlimited Free collection Live Time and Date digital clocks embedded in PowerPoint files file format and also hundreds of analog clocks with minutes, hours and seconds needles in swf flash file format available for Free Download.

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