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MatsClock 120123 - PowerPoint Digital Clock with a Water Tank Filling Timer PPT for Free


Free_Download MatsClock_120123 PPT  MatsClock 120123 is a unique PowerPoint Digital Clock display that also has a huge water tank filling up exactly in one minute and emptying in the next minute. The water tank has not been graduated in liters or kilo liters. Instead the water tank shows time it takes to fill up. And the time markings are as accurate as possible. You can time the water filling time with your wrist watch or mobile and it will. Match. The Digital Clock runs on top of the open water tank on the horizon showing the correct time.

The MatsClock 120123 ppt zip file you download using the link above, contains all the five PowerPoint PPT Digital Clock seen above. All these unique digital clocks are in PPSM file format files which if double clicked will start running. When you open the file, if the PowerPoint Software asks to "Enable Content" then please allow, because if you don't do that, the water tank animation will run, but the the digital clock will not be able to run because it uses a simple visual basic codes.

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