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MatsClock 120124 - PowerPoint Digital Clock with a Timer Embeded PPT Slide for Free

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Free_Download MatsClock_120124 PPT  This Digital Clock designed in PowerPoint MatsClock 120124 is a geometric animation. A simple curved line has been repeated in a circular fashion with gradient colors. One circle is placed above the other and made to rotate in different directions. In addition this MatsClock also has three colored balls going round insde a hollow rim formed by the circular geometric animated shapes. The Digital Clock is running inside this geometric floral design that can keep your audience hooked on to it and mesmerised for a long time well before your presentation starts.

You may also run this Digital Clock in full screen during your break time or question answer time so that everyone can keep track of time. The possibilities in PowerPoint for animation is unlimited. Combined with a digital clock on it displaying the current time on your wrist watch adds to the beauty of this slide. This MatsClock 120124 is a set of 5 unique digital clock which is designed using PowerPoint software alone and is saved as a macro enabled PowerPoint (.ppsm) which can be downloaded for Free and all 5 digital clock can be used absolutely royalty-free.

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