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MatsClock 120125 - Elapsed Time Count Up Clock Timer for Exams for Free

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Free_Download MatsClock_120125 PPT   MatsClock 120125 is a Royalty-Free Digital Analog Clock which shows Elapsed Time. This Count Up Clock is highly useful during conduct of an examination or tests where the Elapsed Time has to be seen by the candidates taking the exam. The beauty of this PowerPoint Clock embedded Slide is that you have a Digital Count Up Clock running along with a Count Up Analog Clock which has Hours, Minutes and Seconds needle, rotating to show the Elapsed Time at any time.

Did you know that Analog Count Up clock helps in seeing the rate at which time is elapsing? In a Digital Clock you won't be able to make out the rate of time. Also, when you look at any analog clock, you make out the time looking at the angles of the three needles. That makes reading time instantly. This is not possible when you look at a Digital Clock where you need to read each digit which is constantly changing, making it difficult to decipher time on the Digital Clock. Thus analog clock is any day better than a digital clock. The only thing that makes digital clock better is in making the clocks smaller in size and rectangular in shape.

How to Use this MatsClock Digital Analog Elapsed Time Clock?

The moment you go to this PowerPoint Slide in presentation mode for the first time, the Analog Clock starts. But the Digital Clock starts only when you move your mouse cursor anywhere over the digital clock digits.

How to Reset the MatsClock Digital Elapsed Time Clock?

To restart the digital clock from zero time, you need to simply move the mouse cursor once again over the digital clock digits. Every time your mouse cursor moves over the digital clock it gets reset to zero and restarts instangly from zero time. This is very helpful when you want to give say five or ten more minutes extra time after the examination time is over. Just move the mouse cursor over the digital clock to reset the digital clock and start running from zero time.

How to Stop or Re-Start the MatsClock Analog Elapsed Timer Needles?

In the presentation mode when the  MatsClock_120125  Exam Count up Clock Timer is running, just press the up arrow key or the page up key on your key board, or rotate the mouse wheel just one notch away from you. Any of these actions can stop the Analog clock and get the Hour, Minute and the Seconds needles back to zero and stop there.

To start the analog count up clock once again, you can click anywhere on the screen and the analog count up needles restart. Pressing the down arrow key or page down key or pressing the Tab key will also restart the analog count up clock.

How to Pause and Restart the MatsClock Analog Count Up Clock from that Time?

That is very simple. Just go to the next slide and the Analog Count Up Timer will freeze at that time. After the required time when you want to continue the time again, just go back to the previous slide, use the Up arrow key or the Page Up key or rotate your mouse wheel up. You will find that the Analog Count Up time which was paused at the moment you went to the next slide, has started running from that paused time the moment you came back to this PowerPoint Count Up Clock Slide, from where it had stopped. Also, the Digital Count Up Clock Timer is still running the elapsed time. So you do not lose track to total time elapsed.

How to Start both the Digital and Analog Count Up Timers with Elasped Time in a Synchronised Mode?

The moment the Count Up Clock timer slide is entered in the Presentation mode, Press the Up Arrow key or the Page Up Key on your Keyboard to stop the Analog Count Up Timer and get it to zero. Then Left Click anywhere on the slide using your mouse to start the Analog Count Up Clock Timer and simultaneously move your mouse over the Digital Count Up Timer. Instead of Left Click with mouse you may also use the Down Arrow Key or the Page Down key or even the Tab key on your Keyboard to Start the Analog Count Up Clock Timer. If you do these actions together, then the Digital and Analog Elapsed Time Count Up clock timers will show the same elapsed time.

Thus, the  MatsClock_120125 PPT Free Digital Analog Count Up Clock Timer can be used in many ways very easily. The Look and Feel of the Clock timer is also simple and it is easy to use.

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