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How to Speedup Your Computer Performance?    Did you know that most computer problems are easy to fix? There is actually no need to call a computer technician because he too uses some software or the other to fix your computer and charges your hundreds of dollars. So why not use a software that has inbuilt intelligence to scan and find out what is causing your computer performance to slow down or why your hardware is not working and fix them automatically with just a few mouse clicks in under 5 minutes. Just download Uniblue PowerSuite Pro in your computer by clicking the download button above. Then double click the downloaded file to install it in your computer and then open it the way you open any software. Now click on the scan button and Uniblue PowerSuite Pro will run a free scan for two minutes and display all the hardware and software errors it finds in your computer. Now click on the Fix it button and in a minute or two Uniblue PowerSuite Pro will fix all the problems it has detected. Now just restart your computer and feel the improved performance of your Computer.



Speedup PC Performance

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Why is My Computer Slow?

The reason for a slow computer could be many. It is known that more than 80% of the 900 million computers in the world run at less than half their rated performance. This means buying a high end PC or Laptop is not enough. It is also necessary to keep your computer performing at its designed speed of performance. Otherwise the hardearned money you spent on your computer is wasted. To get the maximum computer performance and a pleasant computing experience, it is mandatory for you to put your PC or Laptop through a few mandatory maintenance routines to reset your computer speed to its original performance and make it work as good as when your computer was new. And the best part is that you do not have to call any technician or take your PC or Laptop to a computer repair shop and end up paying a few hundred dollars to do something which you could have done yourself or using a small software.




Uniblue PowerSuite Pro is one of the best computer error repair and PC performance optimizer software I have ever come across. It saves you hundreds of dollars you would have otherwise paid a computer technician or PC Laptop repair shop. It also saves you the few days you would have to wait for your computer to come back from the repair shop. You can view everything that this small software is capable of doing in just a few minutes that would have taken an expert computer technician many days to complete in the screenshot pictures. Click any picture to get an Enlarged view.



Uniblue PowerSuite Pro is so powerful that it does much more maintenance routine on your computer than humanly possible thanks to the advanced algorithm and technology used to create this software. In addition some amount of artificial intelligence is also inbuilt in this software that makes it stand out from the crowd.



Speedup Your Computer

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Another greeat component of Uniblue PowerSuite is Driver Scanner which is capable of scanning your complete computer hardware to find out which all hardware components have been installed in your computer including those hardware which are not even connected to your computer at present. Then it compares the device drivers of all these hardware with the latest driver versions available online in each hardware manufacture website and display a list of all out of date and missing device driver files. All that you need to do is click Update All button to update all the out dated drivers in a single click or you can update each device driver one at a time by clicking the Update button against each out of date driver. This is a huge relief because finding the correct model installed inside your desktop computer or Laptop is difficult and even worse is when you try to find and download the compatible virus free driver files. Driver Scanner is part of Uniblue PowerSuite itself.


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Even if you find the device driver files manually you still cannot make out if there is a newer driver version available elsewhere. Installing wrong drivers can make your computer hardware components to stop working and in some cases forced driver installation can permanently damage your PC/Laptop. Using Uniblue PowerSuite Pro is a one click solution to eliminate all hardware related problems like hardware not recognised by Windows, hardware not detected at all or hardware has stopped working and such other errors.


The next benefit of Uniblue PowerSuite Pro is that it gives you the power in your hand to Optimize your computer for High Performance in just a few minutes through a easy user interface whicht lets you tweak all the Windows settings including the hidden settings normally accesible only to computer experts/technicians. You can change any or all the Windows Operating System settings without any fear of causing any damage to your computer or operating system as everything that you do with Powersuite does is completely reversible. The recommended setting is given along with every option. So even if you do not know what a setting means you just need to click on the "1Click Fix" button as all the recommended setting for your specific computer are selected by default by PowerSuite Pro.
Optimize and Speedup Your Computer Performance

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One of the main reason for the slow performance seen in all computers world over is because of Windows Registry Errors. Windows registry is the nerve center of your operating system invented by OS manufacturer. Windows stores all your computer hardware details, software installed in your PC/Laptop, your personal settings, device driver details, individual software settings and almost anything and everything about your computer in the registry files,  Windows registry is a very small 30 kb to 70 kb file without which Windows just cannot work. There are millions and millions of lines of code in your Windows registry. Just one critical wrong entry out of the few million lines of code in the Windows registry can send your computer crashing. Usually you get a lot of warning. Some errors cause no problem. Some of them may start to slow down your computer performance and even freezes up your computer.
The Computer Freeze up can happen because some software you installed or uninstalled, or a virus/malware, or a windows setting you changed by raw editing of Windows Registry has corrupted a registry entry or deleted that registry entry required by either Windows itself or a third party software you had installed in your computer needs to run. Windows starts searching the millions of lines of code repeatedly for this entry which it will never find and your computer stops responding and you call it a computer freezeup.  Windows is designed to come out of any freezeup in about 20 seconds. If the entry is required by a third party software like MS Word or some photo editor etc then only that software will not work or crash. But if an entry required by Windows OS is corrupted or missing, then Windows will freeze up and crash. At times there may be data loss and even damage to your hard drive.


Speedup Your Computer

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It is possible to edit registry manually. But there are hundreds of errors that needs to be fixed which is manually impossible. And new registry errors keep happening as long as you keep using your computer. Windows as well as the third party software and hardware device drivers you have installed in to your computer keeps reading as well as writing to Windows Registry. Thus registry gets over written again and again with wrong entries or some entries gets deleted every time you use your computer. All these errors keep slowing down your computer every day. Usually you get used to your slow performing computer. But just remember how your PC or Laptop used to work when it was brand new. And amazingly today technologically advanced software like Uniblue PowerSuite Pro helps you to restore your computer back to its original speed with out the help of a computer technician who may charge you a few hundred dollars to fix your computer.
A computer technician may just fix the problems you tell them and take many days to do it. And you will not be able to use your compter for those many days. Uniblue PowerSuite Pro takes just a few minutes to fix thousands of errors and optimize each and every Windows and software settings as well as update all your device drivers to fix all the hardware related porblems which a technician will never be able to find and fix. This is the reason why computer experts are recommending using a software to fix computer hardware and software problem instead of taking the PC or Laptop to a repair shop.
Once you have run uniblue powersuite in your computer and clicked "1Click Fix" button or fixed each of the available PC/Laptop Optimization yourself manually, you need to restart your computer to "Feel the Power of Your Computer" What is the great fun owning an expensive high end PC or Laptop and work at the speed of your old computer. Speedup Your Computer Performance yourself in just a few minutes with Uniblue PowerSuite Pro. I recommend that you use PowerSuite Pro at least once a week to keep your PC or Laptop Computer working at peak performance always.

(Uniblue PowerSuite Pro for Widows 10/8/7/XP/Vista)


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