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StopWatch MatsClock 1361 is a StopWatch, a Digital Clock, a GMT Clock and a Local Time Clock. Just hover/click with your mouse on the small MatsClock StopWatch dials green, indigo or red and the matsclock big needles magically turns into a stopclock, GMT clock or local time clock. In case the stopclock is running then click on the GMT or Local Time small dials and the stopclock will jump and the big needles turn into local time or gmt. Copy & Paste this HTML code below into your web page to Run MatsClock 1361 StopClock Free Flash Clock in Your Webpage. It is really FREE !

<object id="matsclock" data="" style="width: 350px; height: 350px" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">
<param name="movie" value="" />
<param name="quality" value="High" />
<param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

StopWatch - MatsClock 1361

The MatsClock 1361 is designed to work as a StopClock. But concurrently, this stopclock also displays you the local time as well as the GMT or Greenwich Mean Time.

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What is StopWatch ?

A stopwatch is a time keeping instrument used to time an event. For example you want to know how much time you take to run a 100 meter distance or how much time does your car take to cover one km. You can use your normal clock or wrist watch. But as you are looking at the start of the race you cannot see the watch at the same time. You see the person start running then you look at your watch to see what time it is and by then, a second or tow has already passed. To avoid this error of noting the time after the race has started, you can use a stopwatch. You can see the race start and press a knob on the stopwatch without looking at the stopwatch and thus the time is started along with the start of the event. The stopwatch will run from zero seconds and you can continue to look at the race. The moment racer crosses the finish line you can press the stopwatch knob again and the stop watch will stop instantly. So you did not miss the event and when you look at the stopwatch you see the exact time the racer took to run the 100 meter race. You got the accurate time without ever looking at your clock by using a stopwatch.

StopWatch - Better than a Real StopWatch

A stopwatch can be bought from the market for money. But you can save money using a free flash swf stopwatch instead of a real small stopwatch. You can use MatsClock 1361 which is a more useful stopwatch that can continue to display both local time as well as the greenwich mean time GMT concurrently with big needles showing off the stoptime of the event. When you use a hand held stopwatch, only you can see the stoptime. But if you could project MatsClock 1361 StopWatch on a large screen during a sports event in a large stadium which gives you audience the analog stopwatch needles along with smaller dials showing off the GMT and local time will make a big difference. The large stopclock needles is sure to be more appealing to the crowd watching the event.

Analog StopWatch better than Digital StopWatch ?

Analog needles on an analog StopWatch is anyday better than a digital stopwatch. This is because, the stopwatch needles can give you a fair idea of the rate at which time is passing and the rate at which an event is progressing. One glance is enough to know the elapsed time from analog stopwatch as we human beings have developed a magical ability to read time with the angles the needles of an analog stopwatch shows. Compared to this a digital stopwatch is at a disadvantage because you have to actually read the digits to know the time and the digital stopclock give no idea of the rate at which time is passing or the rate an event is progressing. Thus analog StopWatch is a preferred instrument. But if you want time to be noted accurately to a tenth or a hundredth of a second like in case of a 100 meter running race at olympics, then you have no choice but use a digital stopwatch.