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MatsClock 1009
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Analog WallClock for Powerpoint

MatsClock-1009 is a very simple round shaped free flash analog wallclock. You can easily insert matsclock flash movie file in to your Powerpoint Presentations with a simple short PowerPoint Clock  Embed Code  If you look carefully for a few seconds you can see this analog clock dial changing color. In fact it changes colour very slowly from a shade of violet color to a blue color and then to a reddish tinge before going back to the original clock dial color. I make the clock in flash software to make small file size for my final animated analog clocks. I gave the analog clock's hour needle and minutes needle a convex shape with pointed ends and I kept the analog clock seconds needle as a normal straight line which ticks to give the live analog clock feel even though it is a software generated clock. The MatsClock-1009 free analog flash wallclock lets you watch the time pass beautifully right in front of your eyes and relaxes you. This analog wallclock is a good stress buster being very simple animation.