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MatsClock 1033 Knife and Fork Free Flash Clock
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Unique Knife on Plate Flash WallClock

MatsClock 1033 is a plate flash wallclock I was running out of ideas for my new flash clock. That is when I was a quarter plate kept inside a dinner plate and a small saucer kept in side the quarter plate along with a knife, spoon and fork. That gave me the idea for my new Flash Clock and MatsClock 1033 took shape in the next hour or so with all these items, the knife, plates etc. The problem is that I toy around the clock dial and the hour, minutes & seconds needles in the clock with many colours and then decide on one colour pattern that finally I think is better suited. I was looking for totally white colour. But then decided that grey is what MatsClock 1033 should be in. Grey is usually used to convey ideas where your subject should stand out. Time needles of the clocks were thus given a half black half white colours. I retained the animated text that you can change to your own name in the knife wallclock plate. MatsClock is not very important now that most people know where to look to find the clock model number. Once again I think I have created a unique looking nice clock. Do send in your comments on my flash clock designs. They are all free to download and distribute as long as you do not change anything and distribute it as is including this plate and knife wallclock which is an ideal clock to display in any hotel or eating joints and their websites.