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MatsClock 1043 Analog Clock Spoon Fork
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Spoon Fork Plate Flash Clock

I designed MatsClock 1043 like a  Spoon and Fork showing you time on a plate. It was dinner time and I was teaching my son how to read an analog clock. I was using the spoon as the hour needle and my fork as the minutes needle. The seconds needle was too fast to be used. I kept the spoon and fork on my dinner plate and was teaching how to read time. That was many years back. When I sat on my computer to design a new flash clock, I remembered this spoon fork plate incident and in half an hour, this flash clock was ready. I initially thought of giving the clock a white plate with some floral designs. But then I decided to give the entire clock a dark grey color. I am sure a hotelier would surely like the spoon fork plate free flash clock MatsClock 1043.

Fork for Clock Needle

I did not use Fork for displaying minutes in my MatsClock 1043 free flash clock because of any of the reasons given here.Someone tole me that Fork has a mention in the Bible. That means fork was in existence for a very very long time. No one knows who invented forks. But forks  became common mans eating equipment about a thousand years ago. Forks have been mentioned in many of the history books. There are many types of forks in existence. Probably there are so many different forks as there are cultures in the world. You may have heard about boof fork, cheese fork, carving fork, chip fork, cocktail forks etc.

Spoon for Clock Needle

The spoon was always available. No one knows who invented spoon. But the spoon existed since paleolithic era. People from ancient times have been using spoons. Certainly not silver or steel spoons. They used to bend leaves to hold liquids and powders which were the first spoons. Old time kings and other royal people used spoons made of wood and animal horns. Today some poeple use golden spoon. Whatever spoon you use, the taste of your food will be the same, but it shows off your status in the society. So choose your spoon. I chose spoon to indicate hours on my spoon plate fork free flash clock MatsClock 1043. If you like it download and use it on your blogs, websites and powerpoint presentations.