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MatsClock 1044 Pen Pencil Clock
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Pen & Pencil Flash WallClock for Kids

MatsClock-1044 is a Free Flash WallClock. I designed this flash with a pen indicating the hours and the pencil indicating the minutes. Initially I thought of omitting the seconds needle, but then I decided to keep it. The reason is that I expect some kids also to like this pen pencil clock who must be able to see that the pen pencil flash clock they downloaded is actually working. The pen shows the hours in the clock and the pencil shows the minutes in the wallclock. Then I wanted to give a little change to the dial to make it look different. Then came the hour makers which I initially left on the clock dial, but then I decided to shift the hour markers on to the rim to ensure that the pen and pencil look beautiful on the dial. I am confident all the kids will like this free flash pen pencil wallclock.