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MatsClock-1045 is a totally Unique Free Flash WallClock. I designed this flash with a difference. I was sitting and watching my mobile phone hang on the harness and swing. My mobile phone is set to show the time on an analog clock. Suddenly, I realised what I was seeing. I immediately came to my computer and designed this pendulum clock. I called it a pendulum clock because I found that the clock I was designing was suspended from a pivot and the entire clock was swinging with time without stopping like a pendulum in any grandfather clock. I used the needles from a previous clock, but retained the green dial as it is on my mobile phone back ground the only difference being that my mobile phone has a square dial and my pendulum flash clock has a round dial.

Pendulum WallClock -

Pendulum Clock is Unique to I am sure no one in the world would have ever got this idea to make a clock swing like a pendulum or rather build a clock inside a pendulum. As usual you can highlight the Pendulum Clock written in the dial and type in any text you want. To help you type in the text I did not make the text swing with the pendulum. But since the pendulum clock itself is swinging behind the text, the clock text also looks to be swinging in the opposite direction. You can download this free flash clock and use it on your computer, blogs, websites or your powerpoint presentations absolutely free.