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Free Gems Kids Website WallClock

MatsClock 1048 is yet another Free Flash WallClock created for your Websites and blogs. This flash clock has a beautiful gems studded clock frame which is ideal for websites for kids on chocolates, gems, toffees etc. Each gem has a unique color and lustre. I have also redesigned the hour needle and the minutes needle to have one gem each. In addition, I put a chiseled gem of a heart replacing the seconds needle. I loved this clock as I designed it. I hope you too love it. As usual to all MatsClocks that you see on my webiste you stilll have the Text changeable. The Gems Clock written in chocolate color can be changed to any text you want by just highlighting it and typing in your name or company name or any thing that fits into the width of the text box. If you like my gems wallclock then please do like it or pin it or tweet it or atleast recommend on google. As always all matsclock 1048 Gems WallClock is also free to download, use on websiets, blogs, powerpoint presentattions and distribute without any alteration or modifications just like any other flash clock you find at