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MatsClock 1049 Square Free Flash Clock for PowerPoint
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Golden Square WallClock for Powerpoint

MatsClock 1049 is a golden wall clock in square shape which is ideal for your powerpoint presentation. I designed this wall clock in flash for those who love wallclocks. You can use this free flash clock on your website or blog or powerpoint presentation easily. At home I have a wall clock in each room and some rooms have more than three wall clocks. Time is precious and I consider that you should have full control on your time and everything must be planned and executed in time. "Time is Life" It is something you cannot stop but need to use. This golden wallclock will fill up your powerpoint screen completely.

Golden Square Powerpoint WallClock

God gifts everybody's bank with 86,400 when we wake up in the morning. MatsClock 1049 wall clock will show these 86,400 seconds in your bank leaking out continuously at a steady pace of one second every second, which you can either use or allow it to go waste. The wallclock gives a direct measure of how much time you have left in your account. All the great people who we know also had only the same time in hand every day. They used it well and achieved name and fame. So you too can achieve your goals if you respect time and use it as it is leaking out of your bank. MatsClocks are Free Golden Square Shaped Powerpoint WallClocks that will keep you ticking and using time rather than waste it. So start using your time well with this Square WallClock, MatsClock 1049. If you care send this wall clock to those you care.