Wooden WallClock Frame

MatsClock 1050 Free Flash Clock for PowerPoint Presentations
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Free Flash Wooden Frame WallClock

I designed Matsclock 1050 to look like a wallclock with a wooden frame. I initially thought of giving a static wooden frame to this matsclock with the wood texture. But later I thought I will give the functionality of changing the frame color to the user which is not a good idea for a wooden wallclock frame. It is a great unique flash wallclock from the matsclock stable. This wooden framed matsclock wallclock certainly was inspired by a round wooden frame carved from teak wood I saw on a ship. The carving was certainly a wood lathe work. Nevertheless, I loved the frame and I went about designing a wallclock which you can hang only in your computer screen.

Change Color of Wood WallClock Frame

To change the color of the wooden frame of this wallclock like free flash clock hung inside your computer, you need to click on the color square you see just on the left top of the wall clock. When you click the color square a color palet dialog opens where in you can select your desired color, transparency and all the other available color functions and then click OK to see the wall clock frame change color. The wallclock looks decent at this size. But if you want to see the full glory of this wood frame wallclock then click on the full screen link below the wood frame wallclock to open it in a new window.