Animated Magic Wood WallClock

MatsClock 1052 PowerPoint Presentation Clock Timer
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Unique Animated Magic Wood WallClock

MatsClock-1052 is a magic wood frame free flash wallclock. Rather this MatsClock wallclock was inspired from a photo frame I saw on a ship. The wall clock photo frame had a beauty of its own. It was made of wood and varnished to give a glow. I was impressed by that wooden frame and I decided to make a free flash wallclock MatsClock 1052 with a slightly different approach using a similar frame for the wall clock. I gave the wall clock a wood frame with a little magic. I made a rotating transparent wooden ring of magic on top of the wood frame of the matsclock which was transparent enough not to mask the wooden frame look of the wall clock. And the free flash wood wallclock came out to my satisfaction. I have also given the clock needles a beautiful wooden tinge to match the wallclock frame magic. I am sure you liked this MatsClock 1052 wall clock design appealing. I gave the flash clock needles for hour and minutes a little copper color and decided to give a copper tinge to the wall clock dial as well to complete my design. To give a contrast I kept the numerals inside the wall clock dial a strong black color. Overall a nice wall clock absolutely free to download and distribute but without any modifications or alterations to the swf flash clock file.