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Free Weighing Machine Website Clock

MatsClock 1053 was a free flash clock from inspired by the weighing machine I saw at my grocer's shop and also at the airport. This weighing machine was meant to weigh heavy weight items like a quintal rice or a few hundred kilograms of cargo in the airport etc. The weighing machine was a simple design with a platform to keep the weight and the large weight indicator dial on top with a black colour. And that is exactly what I used to design this matsclock 1053 free flash clock that looks like a weighing machine. The clock needles actually indicate time but looks like the weighing machine needle. The platform was not very important so I skipped it except make it look like a flat stand on which the clock pillar is mounted I hope it is liked by the viewers. The weighing machine flash clock can be used on websites and blogs that deal with weight loss, weight measurements, groceries, gym equipments, exercise equipments etc to keep the website visitors admiring the clock for a long time on your website. This weighing machine flash clock swf file is free to be downloaded and used on any website.