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MatsClock 1054 Analog Clock
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Colour Changing Neon Light Website WallClock

MatsClock 1054 is a beautiful colour cycling neon light wallclock designed for websites and blogs with a lot of colours in the background and foreground. This neon wallclock can cycle basic colours very smoothly and seemlessly. The wallclock has a netted steel frame and the outter frame animates like a neon bulb or neon tube or other continous neon lights you normally see in the movies and markets. If you love colours then you will love this neon wallclock frame that changes colour smoothly with time with the colours spreading outwards radially from the inner edge of the clock frame outwards. The entire clock otherwise is designed in steel grey colour to give emphasis to the neon light of this wallclock. This free flash clock is ideal for websites dealing with lights, neon lights, electricity, steel or even kids websites.