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Wind Mill Fan Websites Free Flash WallClock

MatsClock 1055 was inspired by a windmill. I designed this wind milling wallclock for  windmills and fans company websites and blogs etc. Any website dealing with anything that rotaes slowly will benefit from this free flash wallclock that resembles a windmilling effect on the clock frame. The entire clock has been designed in black and white colours or shades of grey only to ensure that the wallclock does not take away the visitors attention from your website, but at the same time it enhances the professional outlook of your windmill or fan website. I can guarantee that this free flash clock will keep your website visitor staring at it for a long time and increase the time on website they spend which is nothing short of an SEO or search engine optimization feature because the bounce rate is reduced as your website visitors spend at least one minute more just staring at this windmill wallclock.