Unusual Analog WallClock

MatsClock 1057 PowerPoint Clock for Websites
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Unusual Analog Digital WallClock

MatsClock 1057 is designed to be an unusual analog wallclock. The entire clock is designed in grey colour and yet looks beautiful. The unusual feature of this analog wallclock is its needles. The wallclock needles runs on the outer edges on rails pointing inwards to the correct time like any other analog clock needles. In addition this unusual analog wallclock also has a digital time display right in the center of the clock dial.

MatsClock 1057 Unusual Analog Digital WallClock

MatsClock-1057 was designed as a digital analog clock initially. In that sense you have an analog clock with needles to indicate time in hours, minutes and seconds and in addition you also get to see the time in hours minutes and seconds as numerals. I have also given another line below to show the current date, month and year. I designed matsclock 1057 in fully grey to highlight this unique new free flash clock design. I am sure you will not find another flash clock anywhere in the world with a dual analog digital clock in one dial fully grey. The uniqueness of this digital analog clock lies in its needles that point inwards instead of pointing outwards like other analog clocks you find elsewhere. Each flash clock needle travels in its own orbit and is slightly transparent to let the color of the needles under it to make it change. The analog clock needles have shadow also which falls on the clock dial but not on the other needles because all the digital analog clock needles are transparent in this matsclock 1057. I think I have achieved what I set out to. It took me an hour to design this digital analog clock. But every second spent on this clock was worth it. I hope you appreciate.