Neon Light Heart Beat WallClock

MatsClock 1059 Free Clock for PowerPoint
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Heart Beat Neon Light WallClock

MatsClock 1059 is a neon light flashing wallclock that is meant to resemble a live heart beat. The neon light changes colour on the clock frame outer ring. The colours are cycling every second in such a way that every time the seconds needle moves inside the clock dial the wallclock dial also beats once by a sudden light burst that fades off in one second. Look carefully and you see that the neon light changes colour every second. This wallclock is ideally suited for a website that deals with health and heart or blood pressure etc. The heart beat neon light wallclock is also suited for websites about life. Time ticks away and cannot be stopped. The neon light is actually tells you that you are ageing every seconds.

Heart Beats Fixed Number of Times in Your Life Time

The medical science has discovered that a human heart beats only for a fixed number of times in its complete life time from birth till death. The faster your heart beats the earlier it will stop and you die. This is the reason that even yoga says you should do slow breathing to relax and slow down your heart to normal pace in case you are under stress and your heart beat increases to double speed and reducing your life to half it actual rated life. Download and keep this heart beat wallclock in your computer or embed the neon light heartbeat wallclock in your website or blog. Everytime you see this wallclock think about your heart beat and slow it down by just slowing down your breathing.