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MatsClock 1060 Kids Free Flash Clock Powerpoint Clock
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Pencil Visual Illusion Website WallClock

I designed MatsClock-1060 free flash clock with a lot of pencils basically to give a little visual illusion when viewed in full screen and keep you mesmerized trying to figure out as to what are the pencils actually doing in this free visual illusion flash clock. As the neatly arranged circle of pencils rotate anticlockwise, the pencils looks as if they are shifting position in the clockwise direction. The clock also gives a visual illusion when you stare at it for a long duration. The visual illusion is there in the clock needles as well although they are static they still give the illusion of rotation. In fact the entire clock dial seems to be rotating in the clockwise direction. There is another visual illusion in this clock which will take you careful observation to see. This visual illusion is in the seconds needle. As the seconds needle moves away from the 12'O clock position, you will start seeing a red band appear somewhere from the bottom of the needle and gradually travels towards the tip of the needle as it completes its one full rotation and finally falls off the tip of the seconds needle. Most people miss this visual illusion in the MatsClock 1060. This clock is also free to download, use, distribute on your PC, Laptops, Powerpoint presentations slides, websites without any alterations or modifications.

Creating Visual Illusion in WallClock With Pencils

Creating MatsClock 1060 Free Flash Clock took many hours because as usual I kept making changes over changes to the pencil colors, the rotation of pencils, the frame rate of the movie, the clock dial color, the clock needle colors and 3D effects etc till I got the desired visual illusion and appeal. Creating the first pencil itself took some time as I was learning. I really admire the artists who can paint a pencil in seconds, it took me over an hour to get it right. Then I had designed a thin clock frame which I later deleted because I wanted to keep the focus on the rotating pencils and not lose the visual illusion I created. All the effort was put in as I wanted this wallclock for a kids website dealing with pencils, crayons, colour pencils etc.

Colour Pencil Visual Illusion WallClock

As I have been making free flash clocks for a long time. In this wallclock MatsClock 1060 also I left the text field on the bottom editable by anyone. All that you need to do is to the click on the Visual Illusion Clock written in the clock dial and highlight it using left mouse button pressed and then type any text of your choice into the clock. As long as the flash clock MatsClock 1060 is running your text stays. This is a very useful, in case you are going to use this clock before a presentation. You can input your own name, your company name or your website address on the clock dial in full screen. Some people do not like the colors I used. But I believe "What is life without a little bit of color in it" I don't ask you to admire each of my clocks. But remember that I spend a lot of time designing these clocks and take pride in it. So even if you hate my clocks, my write ups and my website I still request you to spread my visual illusion clock MatsClock1060 to those who you think will appreciate it. Just present it to a kid and see the reaction because they use pencils a lot and love to have a lot of them. I bet you would love to see that small little face lighten up. If you see it, do comeback and send me a feed back. All that an artist requests is appreciation for his hardwork however stupid or excellent it is.