Animated Night WallClock

MatsClock 1061 Night Clock Face
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Animated Free Flash Unusual Night WallClock

Night WallClock (MatsClock 1061) came up as I was thinking about a clock design totally unique which can be used specifically at night with all lights off and not available on the internet. But I am not too much of an artist. That means I have to keep making flash clock designs and keep regecting them till I found a clock design that appeals to me to be a unique clock worth my site. The Night Clock idea feels great, its uniqueness is in the fact that the seconds needle shifts four times clocking one minute. I mean the clock has four quadrants. The lower left quadrant of the night clock gives the seconds needle rotation from 0 to 15 seconds, the next seconds needle quadrant is on the top left corner displaying you 15 seconds to 30 seconds and going clock wise you see the seconds needle starting from the right top corner for 30 to 45 seconds and the last clock quadrant is in the bottom right where you see the seconds needle running from 45 seconds back to 60 seconds in the night clock.

Night WallClock Colors

I also did not like the orange, black and red colors I painted the night clock dial with. But then I had to stick to these colors because the night clock was meant to be used at night and black, red and orange are the only colors that will not hurt your eyes at night and by looking at this clock you will not lose your night vision either. Although, the night wallclock colors looks bright, when I viewed it by night with all the lights off, I found that it is soothing to the eyes when viewed at night in low light. So I let the night clock colors remain that way.

Who Needs Night WallClock?

Pilots who have to fly by night stay in red light or in darkness for about 30 minutes to adapt to darkness. Because If they walk into the darkness from a brightly lit room, they will not see anything as the cones in the eyes detect colors which are useless and the rods in the eyes takes about 30 minutes to adapt to darkness and give clear night vision. So the night wallclock is the most suited for people like them who need to adapt to darkness like the aircraft pilots needs. To see the clock you will either need a red dial night clock or shine a light on to your watch to see the time. But now they can use the Night Clock to see the time without losing their eye's night adaptation. The night wallclock will also look good on a dark or black background website.