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MatsClock 1062 Cartoon PowerPoint Analog Pendulum Clock
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Unique Animated Cartoon Face WallClock

MatsClock 1062 animated cartoon face wallclock came up when I was trying for some idea to create my next free flash clock for using in powerpoint and websites for my  website visitors. That is when I started with my mouse to draw. I drew an oval which was not my style. It looked like a face and I saw one of those cartoons I had seen before and I thought of designing a free animated cartoon face flash wallclock for a change. Probably this was my first oval clock. So I wanted this free flash clock to be slightly different from all the clocks I had designed earlier. Thus MatsClock 1062 started taking shape.

Animated Free Cartoon Face WallClock

I was thinking over some animation but could not come up with some thing I liked. So I just started using whatever tool I could find handy to create a few animation. Thus I put a spring and animated it as the eye of the cartoon face. It gave an animation or rather an illusion to the eyes like I have seen in many cartoon movies where the eyes of the hypnotist starts looking like a rotating spring or target board and the other cartoon looking at these rotating spring eyes falls asleep or gets hypnotized. Good Idea. I put another one into the other eye of my cartoon face wallclock and animated clock eyes springs to rotate in opposite direction. I faded the springs because it was the time that the clock was supposed to show and not hypnotise anyone. So I ensured that I give a set of unique clock hour hands and clock minute needles not used before in any of my free flash clocks.

Animating Cartoon Free Flash Cartoon WallClock

The cartoon face free flash wallclock for websites looked incomplete to me. So I decided to give the free flash clock a mouth. I cut out a mouth for the cartoon. Initially I thought of giving a set of teeth. Then I changed mind and gave a yellow tongue which moves from left to right. The cartoon clock tongue started looking more like a pendulum. So I gave animated effect to this clock tongue a feel of hitting its own right side and bouncing off to the left side over four seconds after a lot of trial runs of the animated free cartoon face flash wallclock. But still something was missing. I found a cartoon was not complete without a nose either. So in came the nose. I am no artist. So making a nose was difficult. Instead I put an animated nose which is more of a rectangle or trapezium that I made to swing from left to right trying to follow the movement of the cartoon clock's tongue. Both being four seconds they always remained matched, but to the viewer, the cartoon clock's nose always is out of sink with the clock's tongue on the wallclock face. It looked odd to me at first but I let the free flash clock as is because I wanted you to keep guessing and so will your website visitors if you do put this free animated cartoon face flash clock on your website or your.powerpoint presentation.


If you notice carefully you are likely to see two clocks on this cartoon clock face. The clock on the left actually is displaying the GMT and the other clock in the left eye displays your local time. So this cartoon actually shows you both the greenwich mean time as well as your own local time set in your computer. Thus this free cartoon flash clock is a wonderful clock that can be used to see the time on both local or GMT mode at the same time. I left the free flash clock cartoon face in black color to give a good contrast which would be lost if I were to use any other color. I also gave a digital time block inside the mouth of the animated cartoon face wallclock so that you do not grop around for time in the small cartoon clock eyes that probably has already hypnotised you. I hope you like this free animated cartoon face flash wallclock and will be putting it up on your website or powerpoint presentation slide to get a more professional effect or a cartoon effect. If you do have any funny ideas then do send me a feed back.