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MatsClock 1068 Analog Clock for PowerPoint
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A free flash clock is rare on the internet. Most flash clocks available on the internet are custom designed. MatsClock 1068 and all other MatsClock you download on are true free flash clock that anyone can download and use on their websites, blogs or in their powerpoint presentations.

Free Flash Clock is Really Free?

All the flash clocks you see available on are absolutely free to download and use on your website or computers or where ever you want. Just see that you do not modify it in any manner and continue to use it as is. I spend a lot of sleepless night making these clocks which happen to be my hobby.

Want a Custom Flash Clock ?

If you want a flash clock of your liking then you may send me a rough design idea either in plain text or send in your clock or watch picture which I will try to make. The plain text will let my imagination to be incorporated. The picture will get you a flash clock of your liking. In both cases when I make a flash clock it costs me time and my health. So I would like you to pay me a few dollars as remuneration in lieu of my work on your flash clock, whatever you think is appropriate and has to be paid before I start making the flash clock of your choice and will be non-refundable. I will not be responsible for anything after I send the flash clock to you. And you have to trust me. Use the contact button to send in your request and let us talk about it before we start.

Customised Free Flash Clock

All matsclock free flash clock available on on can either be customised temporarily by changin the bottom animated text by just clicking and dragging your mouse on it to highlight the text and typing your own text. This will have to be dome everytime. But there are some free flash clock here which I have an external text file inside which you can type in your caption and it will show up inside the clock dial. In the custom flash clock request you can even make clicking on the clock take your visitor to your own website blog or link if specificially requested.