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LED Tachymeter Clock - MatsClock 1070

I designed MatsClock 1070 LED Tachymeter Clock to help people understand what is tachymeter. A tachymeter is a simple fixed dial usually fixed on the outer edge of your clock dial. Most wrist watches that has a tachymeter dial in it is very costly because the tachymeter dial is very accurately marked. In some wrist watches the tachymeter markings are done inside the clock dial. But it is better to have the tachymeter markings on the outer edges for better accuracy in reading.

How Tachymeter is Marked ?

Tachymeter is marked in a very simple way. An hour has 3600 seconds. The principle of marking a tachymeter dial is by dividing 3600 bythe number of seconds. The answer you get is marked against that number of second. For example, divide 3600 by say 45 and you will get an answer 80. So write the figure 80 against 45 seconds on the tachymeter dial. Another example is say 15 seconds. Divide 3600 by 15 and you get an answer 240. So write the figure 240 against the 15 seconds position on the tachymeter dial. The dial is 360 degrees and you can graduate the tachymeter dial by marking the answers against each second.

How to Use Tachymeter ?

Basically a tachymeter helps you to find out how much time will it take to do a certain job or how much job can be done in a certain time. For example, say you can eat 100 peanuts in 30 seconds then how many peanuts can you eat in one hour? Obviously the answer is 12000 peanuts in one hour (100x30x2x60). If you look at the tachymeter dial, 120 is written against 30 seconds and you just need to multiply 120 with 100 to get the answer 12000. That is a lot of peanuts and you probably cannot eat that many peanuts. Now say you can eat 5 peanuts in 7 seconds, then how many peanuts can you eat in one minute at this rate of eating? Do not calculate, just look at the tachymeter dial. You find 500 written against the 5 seconds mark on the tachymeter dial. So just multiply 7x500 to get 3500. I hope you have understood how to use the tachymeter.

Car Spedometer Caliberation Using Tachymeter

You can calibrate your car spedometer using your tachymeter easily. Along most roads you will find a mile stone or kilometer marker. Drive you car at a speed of say at 80 mile/km per hour speed on your car spedometer as accurately as you can. Start your stop watch when you cross the first milestone and stop your watch when you are crossing the second milestone. Ideally you should have taken exactly 45 seconds. If your stop watch says anything different then read the figure written on the tachymeter dial against the time your stop watch shows. That is the real speed you were driving at. Now you know that there is an error in your car spedometer. You can save being caught by the police radar for overspeeding even though your spedometer was showing you were below the speed limit.

Led Tachymeter Clock HTML Embed Code

Copy & Paste MatsClock 1070 Tachymeter Clock HTML code to your webpages. It is FREE ! You can run the LED Tachymeter Clock in your websites or blog by just copy pasting the code given below. It is possible to embed this tachymeter clock in to any software you may be designing or even run the clock free in your power point presentations or in your computer. The only condition is that you will not alter the tachymeter clock in any way. You may even distribute the tachymeter clock MatsClock 1070 freely without taking any payment in any form.


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LED Tachymeter

The LED which flash on the hour ticks are just to give the tachymeter clock a little dazzle. But the LED flashes once every second. If your computer is taking a little more than one second in full screen mode, then you may run the clock in a smaller size.


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