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What is the Time Now ?

I can bet that you cannot read what is the time now on this analog night wall clock. I designed MatsClock 1072 as a night wallclock to test your skill on reading what is the time now on an analog clock. Most likely you failed to find what is the time now using this MatsClock. To know what is the time now, you need to look a the three colours. Red sector in this night clock represents hour now, the green sector indicates the minute now and the blue sector which is continuously rotating indicates the seconds now. MatsClock 1072 can beat even an person experienced person in reading what is the time now using this night wallclock. Every time the blue or seconds needle completes one rotation at 12 O' clock position, the green sector jumps to the next minute and stays in that position for the next 60 seconds. Every time the center of the green sector completes one rotation and reaches 12 O clock position, the red sector or hour jumps to the next hour position and stays there for the next 60 minutes.

What is the Time Now - Test Your Clock Reading Skills

I have purposely not put any tick marks or numerals to indicate the hour, minutes or seconds purposely so that you can test your clock reading skills. I found almost 80% people make mistake in reading the time using MatsClock 1072 Night WallClock. See if you can say what is the time now looking at this wallclock. It is a real test of your time reading skill. It may take you a few minutes to correctly read what is the time now on this clock. It is really difficult. You most likely will fail reading what is the time using this MatsClock-1072 night wallclock for at least ten times before you start getting an idea. This goes to prove that your clock reading skills is not perfect. why don't you ask some one else to find what is the time now on this night wallclock and have some fun or may be have a game to see who starts reading time correctly first on this matsclock.

Night WallClock - What is the Time Now

Analog clocks beat digital clocks in the time required to know what is the time now. It takes just a fraction of a second for someone who is used to wearing analog wrist watch or used to a wall clock. You cannot read a normal wallclock at night. But this unique wallclock what is the time now can be read at night easily if run on your computer at night as the sectors representing the hour, minute and seconds is lighted up on a black background. You can Download this clock and run on your computer. It has a black background which I have made transparent in this web page.

Why is it difficult to find What is the Time Now ?

The first reason why it is difficult to find what is the time now on this night wallclock is that the design is unique and there are no needles to show you the angle. Actually it is the angle of the needle that makes it easy to find what is the time now on an analog clock.Here instead of needle there are sectors. The sectors are 6 degree wide for seconds, 18 degrees wide for minutes and 30 degrees wide representing the hour which you are not used to and it makes decephering what is the time now very difficult. The second reason is that you cannot make out the angle of the needles as your eyes or brain is expecting. Instead you have to extrapolate the sector towards the center of the clock dial and then extimate what is the time now. Third reason is that the needles keep moving every second however small the movement is. But here I have stopped the sectors from moving continuously and made them jump every second, minute or hour respectively. Fourth reason is that there is no marks or numerals to show you the time on the dial. Thus making out what is the time on this MatsClock Night WallClock is purely based on your brain power.

What is the Time Now - The Game

If you are smart you can always make this clock into a game or a testing equipment for yourself to measure your brain power, your observation power and what ever else you can think of. You can put your friends and folks to test their skill in reading what is the time now on this night wallclock and judge there brain power or intelligence. If you are a teacher you can judge your students brain power, attention and grasping power, intelligence, IQ levels and even compare their intelligence using who takes how much time or how many reading of the clock to tell what is the time now correctly. If you want to test their time reading skills even better because all your students have a wrist watch or a mobile phone to know the correct ime now, then just change the time setting of your computer because MatsClock 1072 Night Wallclock is using your computer time. That makes your game or testing even more authentic.


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