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What is Current Time ?

Current Time is so essential to the very existance of human beings. People used to look at the sun and moon to find the current time by day and night. They used sun dials when they started learning about the importance of current time. Then they started inventing more technologically advanced means to find the current time like the sand hour glass, water clock, pendulum clocks. Then they hit on the quartz timer, The quartz oscillations were so accurate that it became the standard for finding the current time. All the clocks are synchronized to the current time with the single quartz crystal clock in Cairo.

Current Time Synchronization

All the clocks we use are synchronized to the current time based on our location. The earth has been divided into time zones. Depending on which time zone we are located on the earth, our current time is synchronized with the UTC or the universal time constant. The time however is not synchronized with the sun dial which shows the shortest shadow of a stick placed vertically at astronomical noon or astronomical 12'O clock. This current time based on the sun is different for another observer in a nearby village or a city a few kilometers away from you. So each country started keeping a current time which is the current time of a single longitude passing through the country. Some countries which are larger in size like Russia, Australia etc may keep more than one current time using current time of many longitudes to ensure that 12'O clock at mid day on your clock and the astronomical noon are not more than one hour apart.

Current Time on Your Computer

Your computer always shows the correct current time. This is because your operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux etc are designed to automatically check the time with time servers and synchronize the current time with the server time. Usually this happens automatically at regular intervals provided your computer is connected to the internet at the scheduled current time synchronization.

Synchronizing Current Time of Your PC/Laptop

To change the current time on your computer, right click on the small digital clock you see on your task bar at the right bottom. Now you get two options. The first is to change the time zone and the second is to change the date and time. To change the time you can either use the up and down arrows you see next to the digital time display or simply highlight the hour or minute or seconds and type in the digits you want and click OK to see that your current time has changed to what you set just now. You can also use the calander settings to change the date format, time display format, your location and much more. Using the "Internet Time" tab you can change which time server your computer should update its current time. To see if the time server works, just click on the "Update Now" button and wait a few seconds to get the Time Synchronized message. If you get an error message then change the time server from the drop down list and click Update Now button again. Ensure that your internet bandwidth is free and no heavy file upload/download is going on, before you synchronize your current computer time. Also ensure that you have selected your country and time zone correctly.

Current Time on GPS Not Advisable

The GPS or global positioning system is purely based on the principle of time. Thus the GPS time is highly accurate. But the current time shown by GPS may not be your country standard time. GPS needs the accurate current time because the GPS receiver calculates its own location by receiving time signals from the GPS satellites. A difference of a single microsecond is going to make a big difference to your location indicated by GPS. But it is not advisable to synchronize either your wrist watch, clock or computer time looking at the current time being displayed by your GPS receiver.

Current Time on Mobile Phones Accurate

The current time being displayed by your mobile phones are fairly accurate. This is because the current time displayed by your mobile is being constantly synchronized as long as your mobile remains switched on. Secondly, the current time is synchronized by your service provided with your country standard time. Thirdly, your phone synchronizes its current time with the local mobile transmitting tower. This means that the correct current time based on your location is being synchronized. This is particularly true for those people living in countries like Russia and Australia because there are more than one country standard time being followed.

MatsClock 1073 - Accurate Current Time Clock

Copy & Paste this HTML code to your web page to Run Current Time Clock in your Blog, Webpage etc. Remember to change the height and width as required for your webpage. You can also change the background value from transparent to any colour hex value. I would prefer that you Download and run the clock from your own web host for faster loading. The clock needs no bandwidth because it is just 7 KB file size.


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