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To insert this free flash clock in your website or blog just copy the code given below and paste anywhere in your webpage. You may need to change the height and width of the clock as per your need.

<object id="matsclock" data="" style="width: 350px; height: 350px" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="movie" value="" /> <param name="quality" value="High" /> <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> </object>

Flash Clock for PC/Laptop.


MatsClock 1074 is a flash clock for your PC/Laptop. MatsClock 1074 is absolutely free to download and use on your PC in any way you want. You can use this matsclock for just seeing time pass by gracefully. You can use this matsclock in your powerpoint presentations or your webpages and blogs etc. MatsClock 1074 will run in a computer with a flash player installed as standalone or installed as a browser plug in. Almost all computers in the world has adobe flash player installed already.

Flash Clock for PC - Peculiarities

MatsClock-1074 flash clock for PC was designed to attaract attention. I have kept the clock dial white and given a set of flashing lights on the outter part of the clock dial so that this flash clock dazzles on your PC screen. You can see three colours namely white, yellow and light blue flashing in succession in the dial like stars which fire up irregularly.


Why Flash Clock for PC ?

Often people have to be satisfied with the standard small clock available in the PC. But time is life and a clock shows it best. So why not watch the time pass beautifully in a large clock. I decided on a chocolate brouwn because, chocolate is what most of us like. And you hardly see a wrist watch of clock in chocolate colour. You only see wood brown wall clocks. I did have a little problem making the coloured stars flash and to get the distance between the stars as I wanted. The biggest problem was to make the stars look as if they have been pinned on the chocolate dial so that the chocolate looks dipped inwards where the flashing stars are, when you view MatsClock 1074 flash clock on your PC or Laptop.


Flash Clock for PC - Time Acuracy

The flash clock for PC MatsClock 1074 takes the time from your computer. So as long as your PC time is kept synchronised regularly online, then MatsClock 1074 flash clock for PC time will remain as acurate as your PC.


Changing Time of Flash Clock for PC

As explained MatsClock 1074 Flash Clock for PC takes time directly from your computer. So to change the time displayed in MatsClock 1074 Flash Clock for PC your just need to double click on the time displayed on your taskbar at right bottom and go to change date and time settings dialog box. You can also make changes to your time zone, calander, add another clock and even synchronise the correct time on your PC from the internet time servers.