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WallClock Time

A WallClock hanging on the wall of your drawing room gives an elegant look. Buying a WallClock is one of the best decorations you can have hung on your drawing room wall when compared to a wall paper or a photo frame. In fact today, most houses have a wallclock hung on each room in their house including the kitchen and bathrooms. In addition to giving an asthetic look, the wall clock also gives a functionality beyond its simplicity of just the hour, minutes and seconds needle.


How Many WallClocks ?

People are so busy now a days that they do not want to waste time to raise their hand and look at their wrist watch or mobile to find what is the time now. So they put a wallclock on every room in their house such that as they walk into their house or they are going out, they can see the time on wallclock straight ahead of them. This also means two wall clocks in each room. In addition, you may see some houses with a wall clock in the main gate, garage, sit outs, work areas and every where else. But only the rich will today buy an antique grandfather pendulum clock which now a days is found only in museums.


Buy a WallClock

To buy a wallclock just walk into the store next to your house or office. Wallclocks are really cheap today. In fact you can buy wallclocks online. The selection available is mindboggling. Almost every online store will have one section of wall clock and wrist watches. Each wallclock manufacturer tries to bring in as many unique designs as possible. So no two wall clock will look the same. This means that there is no end to how many wallclocks you could possibly have in your house, each with its own unique design. Since you went to buy the wallclock, they would be pleasing to your eyes. Considering that the price of wall clock has come down so much that anyone can buy wallclocks as many as one wants and hang them everywhere.



Buy a Grandfather WallClock

There are many types of wallclock. The high end wallclock are ofcourse the grandfather clocks. These wallclock are large in size and usually has a massive pendulum swinging left and right to keep time. The frame is usually made of sandal wood, redwood, teak wood etc which are costly. But is is worth buying a grandfather clock even though they are costly because first they improve the asthetics of your home or office. The wood frame looks elegant. The pendulum in the grandfather wallclock is just beautiful and relaxes anyone in a few seconds if watched. The needles of grandfather wallclock are usually of old elegant designs. The dial will usually have two holes of which one is for winding its power spring that keeps the grandfather pendulum swinging for upto 8 days and the other spring powers the chime. Because of all this, a grandfather wallclock will last upto three generation. The machinery inside being usually made of brass will carry value even after it is long dead. The best part is that some vintage grandfather wallclock has become a collectors item today. So will your grandfather wallclock after a few decades and will fetch you more money than you spent on the grandfather wallclock. Some grandfather wallclocks are so heavy that they just stand in a corner silently but still command attention of your home visitor. And never stops amazing you yourself even after four decades on its craftmanship.


Buying Quartz Wallclock

The quartz crystal wallclock is usually round, oval, square, rectangular, pentagon and many other shapes and are normally under a foot in diameter. They are very light and can be easily mounted on the wall with just one nail. Running on a single batter for time and an additional battery for chime or alarm. Being electronic, these wallclock are much cheaper to buy and come in various design and last a few years. Unlike the grandfather wallclocks, these small clocks do not have any resale value. So once they go dead you just throw it away and buy a new wallclock. These wallclocks have overtaken the sales of other clocks and watches. Afterall Time is Life.


WallClock Evolution

WallClocks have become an integral part of human culture. The birds and animals use the sun and moon or stars to know the time to go hunting for food and return back to their nests or caves for the night when light fades. Amazingly, when there is a solar eclips almost all the animals and birds start returning back to their nests. The become wiser when the solar eclips is over and start as if it was early morning again. Human beings are much more advanced beings and believe in using instruments like a wallclock to measure time. Human beings have been dong time keeping from prehistoric time. Initially the humans used the sun and moon like the birds. Then they gained some knowledge and started using some vertical object and its shadow to measure time which evolved into a Sun Dial. Then the modern WallClock evolved. Initially we used water and sand, then we graduated to a pendulum wallclock and then to the quartz wallclock. The time involved to graduate from sun to wallclock is fairly long.



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