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What is Clock Face ?

A Clock Face is actually the face of your clock or your wrist watch. A clock face is actually the clock dial or the surface on which the hours, minutes and seconds are marked. Clocks existed well before the clock face was invented. In the old times the clock face itself used to rotate. But they found out that it is easier to rotate a few needles on top of the clock face than rotate the heavy clock face.


Originally, the church tower had a huge bell on top that had to be pulled to indicate time to the world with the powerful audio that eminated from the bell. The whole aim probably was to ensure that people know the time and would turn up in time for the mass or just to tell them what time it is now. But till the bell gong made thesound, people could not make out what time is it. So they came up with the idea of having a clock face which could rotate and a hand like cut out pointing upwards to the sky was placed. So when the clock face rotated what ever numeral came on top where the hand cut out pointed to was the time. But rotating the clock face was a big trouble and they used many methods like flowing water, gravity operated weights on chords and so many other methods to make this large clock face that can be seen from very far away.


Clock Face Markings

A clock face is marked according to the need of the clock or wrist watch customer who wants to buy a clock or a wrist watch. But when you need to sell a clock or a watch, then the designer comes up with many unique clock face designs that the customer can choose from. Later if customers give a feed back or requests for a custom clock face then the manufacturer may make that clock face design. Now a days no one requests for a particular clock face. Fashion statement is in wearing a wrist watch or buying a clock for office or home which no one else has got. The choice of clock faces available to choose from is a lot if you go to a shop. Buying a clock online is even more fun because the clock face designs available for buying online is mind bogling.


How is Clock Face Marked ?

A clock face is marked with numerals, alphabets or just symbols. Some people prefer clock face unmarked or blank. The angle of the hour, minute and seconds needle on the clock face is enough to give an indication of time on the analog clock face. Some people like to have roman numeral on the clock face. Some poeple like normal numerals marked on the clock face. At times the clock face marked with just lines or ticks or stars etc which may be pleasing to some people. Often manufacturers stick gems instead of numers marking the clock face to give it an elegant look. But these wrist watches and wallclocks could be quite high priced and not with in reach of common people to buy it.


Ladies Wrist Watch Clock Face

A ladies wrist watch is not necessarily meant to be used for time keeping. But it has ornamental value. So often you will find that the ladies watches have either a plain unmarked clock face or the clock face may have some precious stones like gems and diamond stuck to mark hours on the clock face. Normally, the ladies wrist watches have very small clock face and thus may have only four or just one tick to mark the time. The thrust is given on the clock frame and wrist band which may be made of gold or platimum etc with lots of diamonds or gems etc stuck on it because for a lady it is more of an ornament then a clock face.


Digital Clock Face

With the advancement in the field of digital time keeping with quartz crystal oscillators, clock face has started evolving. Today the wrist watches may still have the same look as far as the watch case, crystal, wrist watch strap etc. But you will find that the clock face amy still have a round shape but instead of having needles on the clock face you have a large digital time display. The young generation is more happy wearing a ditigal time clock face. This is probably because they are not used to reading time on an analog clock with needles. Not only that the present day digital clock face come with unlimited functions and are far more accurate in time keeping than the analog clock faces with needles.


Analog Clock Face or Digital Clock Face ?

Analog clock face beats the digital clock face hands down in elegance and the ease of reading time. The angles made by the hour and minutes needles can tell time in less than a second. But a digital clock face can be confusing as to what you are seeing is 3 or 8 or 5 or 6 or 2 because they all look similar when viewed on a small digital clock display. Since they keep changing . you have to wait a minute to see what is the next digit to know that you had read the digit correctly. This problem does not exist in analog clock face with needles where the needle angle or position gives the time instantly. The best part is that a middle aged or old man can read the time even without wearing his power glasses on analog clock face which he can never do without his glasses on when reading time on digital clock.



Clock Face Teaching Aid

A clock face can be easily used to teach a child or anyone how to read time on analog clock face. Learning to read time on an analog clock is very essential because time is still displayed in most of the places like airports, railway stations, bust stops, church towers, city square, wall clocks and every where else on the analog clock face. Analog clock face is continueing to be used because as mentioned earlier, you will never make a mistake in reading correctly when using analog clock face which may not be the case when you use a digital time display.



24 Hour Clock Face

A 24 hour clock face is used in a railway station. This clock face is marked for reading time in 24 hours format so that you do not make a mistake in the arrival and departure times of your train when you look at the train time table at the railway station. You may be wondering weather the train is arriving by day or night. A clock face is usually marked in 12 hours format. There will be one tick every 30 degrees totalling 12 hours. This means the hour needle on the clock face has to to go round twice a day to add up to 24 hours. The railway clock has 24 hours marked on the clock face and the hour needle completes just one circle todisplay 24 hours. Here is an example of a 24 hour clock face. As you will notice the angles the hour needle in the 24 hour clock face makes is only half of what the hour needle on the 12 hour clock which you are so used to. So while you read time on the 24 hour clock face just be alittle careful to see the numerals written against the hour needle because the angle of hour needle does not give time the way you have always been reading. Amazingly, minute and seconds needle on the 24 hour clock face will continue to read the same way as in a 12 hour format clock face.



Clock Face HTML Embed Code

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