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MatsClock 1080 is a free online clock that displays your local time or the standard time in your location. You are free to run this clock on your computer by downloading the clock to your computer in the .swf form or the java google swiffy code for running the clock in your mobile phones which does not run flash swf files available inside the zip file you get by clicking the download button just below the clock picture. To test the online clock, just click on run clock button if you are using a PC or Laptop and in case you are using a mobile phone, then click on the picture of the clock itself to view the clock working live. You can also change the colour of the neon light inside the outter frame by click on the blue colour square on the top left of the clock.


How Does an Online Clock Timer Work?

Simply put, there are two ways an online clock timer can work. The first is that the clock codes in the html page you open is taking the time details from the server it is hosted and displays the time to you in your computer or phone. The other is that html codes take the time running in your computer or phone. In both cases there could be an error in the online clock if either the server clock in the former case and if your computer clock time is set wrongly or has not been kept synchronised by the operating system from an online clock servers running at or or or or or such other time servers. Usually your computer or the web server is set to synchronise the time from at least one of these time servers automatically at preset times without you doing anything. But you can also set or change your computer clock timer yourself either with the online timer servers by manually synchronising the time with one of the time servers or you can change the computer clock timer to any time you want without any synchronisation, but just by changing the time numerals and clicking on apply settings.


How Quartz Crystal Online Clock Timer Work?

The first quartz crystal clock timer was made sometime back in 1927. A quartz is made of silicon dioxide. The quartz crystal is also piezoelectric in nature. Or in other words, if you bend a quartz crystal then, the surface of the quartz crystal generates current or emf. Similarly, if you apply emf or current across a quartz crystal, then it bends. This means that by giving a little bit of current, you can make the quartz crystal bend and vibrate for a long time and that too very accurately. You can do this using a tuning fork also but it won't be accurate and will need a lot of current to make a tuning fork keep vibrating. The quartz crystal vibrations are counted by an electronic integrated circuit which uses this information to display time either in a digital format or send the signals to a small motor to rotate the hour, minutes and seconds hands in your clock or wrist watch. The quartz crystal in clock timer is cut to a shape along its crystalline axis to vibrate at a set frequency of 32,768 Hertz which is 2 to the power of 15. This figure was chosen so that the frequency can be halved as many times by the integrated circuit to get an accurate 1 pulse per second necessary to drive the seconds hand. From this pulse the minute and hour hands can also be run easily.




MatsClock 1080 Online Clock HTML Embed Code

Copy & Paste this HTML code below into your web page to Run MatsClock 1080 Online Clock in Your Website or your Blog. It is FREE !


<object id="matsclock" data="" style="width: 350px; height: 350px" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="movie" value="" /> <param name="quality" value="High" /> <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> </object>




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